Writing Down The Knowns


And yet, for the sporadic fluctuations to my process, I had more victories in 2020 than I had in the three years prior combined. All that journaling eventually began rendering itself into actual essays, some that I managed to publish throughout the year. Writing finally feels like it has a regular place in my life in a way that it hasn’t since I was in grad school. And by regular, I mean one that doesn’t feel so tenuous if I can’t manage to do the thing for a week or two.

Binge on tuna tartar and a cheese board like an adult. This second part of my trip was spent shooting Fireball with a bunch of bartenders and bouncers that keep most of 6th Street lubricated. Once my original plans got all busted up and I was suddenly calling hotels to book last minute reservations for the night, I fell back into the arms of my kind. The restaurant folk, the outsiders, the wolves at the table. How the city has pioneered their own food and drink scene with boutique smoothie shops, patisseries, and distilleries.

• Beginning around 2005, the year Dr. Rene Varela joined Ocean Embassy, Ocean Embassy Panamá began a multi-million dollar project to start a “swim-with-dolphins” dolphinarium in San Carlos, Panamá. • Dolphins captured from the wild can be sold for about $100,000 each. Rene Varela has a serious involvement/partnership with Ocean Embassy, a corporation that supplies marine life to parks around the world The captures are horrific and the fate they face in their small pins is just a long slow death. The ad features a photograph of dead dolphins, tossed into a garbage dump in the Solomon Islands after they died in captivity, awaiting sale to an aquarium.

The empire of Tito’s Vodka, American-made and gluten-free, that swept across the country. The innovators that renovated the suburban Rainey Street neighborhood into chic cocktail bars or beer gardens. The embellished food trucks parked nearby where burned out bar-goers binge on tacos and tortilla chips. (Myself included.) Or the food trailers parked in lots feeding picnic tables full of patrons. This is probably the first time I ever posted in my life, about how the world has changed.

This is open to international bloggers, meaning PH and non-PH bloggers are encouraged to join, and will run from September 23 to October 4, weekdays only, with 2 blog stops each day. I wondered when I would become thismother.Maybe it took the time it takes to wear in a new set of heels or for the stiff spine of a new book to soften. At times, I was completely distraught that I may never accumulate the abundance of selfless love a parent has for their child. 2.Know your dr. horrible’s sing-along blog season 1 episode 1 exits and entrances.Every good spy knows their exit strategy. Likewise, since no one is going to stop the show for you (atleast they don’t for me…), it is important to be able to move quickly around what it going on without drawing attention to yourself. Go to rehearsals, get schedules, talk to the other people working it including DJs, announcers, anything that will give you a good idea of what will happen and when so you can be where you need to be at the right time.

These days, Nina lives in Los Angeles with her writing partner and their tiny, ill-behaved dog. She tends to write stories about hard-won love and young people toppling the monarchy/patriarchy/whatever-archy. On a less related note, she has strong feelings about hushpuppies and loves a good jambalaya.

My whole pregnancy I wanted nothing but to feel like my body was my own again. Visit Portland’s Art District for a concert at either of Portland’s music halls One Longfellow Square or Port City Music Hall. These venues have hosted the Phish-y deep-funk duo, Soule Monde; the psychedelic folk artist Lisa/Liza and the bluesy soul sounds of Ray LaMontagne. Both offer performances and events most days of the week. This 3×5 block radius of historic downtown is now more shopping than shipping. Wander through the mix of old shipping offices and warehouses turned galleries, bookstores, craft shops and eateries.