Why Does The Bunny Bring The Easter Eggs?


Over time, decorated baskets have taken the place of nests, and colored eggs have turned into chocolate, candy and toys. The story was introduced to America by German immigrants in the 1700s, and has grown into a billion-dollar holiday today. In other countries, the rabbit is replaced by other animals—in Switzerland a cuckoo brings the Easter eggs, and in parts of Germany it is a fox, notes the BBC.

This custom, also called Eierheischen, Eiersingen or Pfingstsingen, is a typical cadging custom. It was mostly young men who went from door to door, especially where unmarried women lived. Pysanky, which are Ukrainian Easter eggs that are intricately decorated using wax. This type of egg decorating is done in many Slavic countries, and it predates the Christian egg-dying, with roots instead in pagan traditions. Chocolate-filled eggs made their debut first in France and Germany in the 19th century, eventually spreading to the U.S. I would like to personally thank the person that decided to introduce chocolate to another holiday.

While parents may help him out whenever he gets extra busy during the Easter season, the Easter Bunny himself is in charge of all those baskets. Follow the rabbit’s journey with the Easter Bunny Tracker. ET on Saturday, April 16, 2022, you can check in with the Easter Bunny each hour as he travels the globe dropping off eggs and candy. In the French-speaking parts of Switzerland, the tradition comes from neighboring France.

Know more about the Easter festivities of Switzerland. In Switzerland, the Easter bunny is replaced by the Easter cuckoo. Please enter your Facebook email to receive a password creation link.

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At 9rd century, the Catholic Church prohibits the consumption ofeggs during Lent, the period of deprivation just before Easter. In some areas of Switzerland romande, it is said that church bells go to Rome a week before Easter and that they return on Sunday with the eggs decorated. But the country’s most famous emblem is undoubtedly the Easter Bunny. Another popular Easter game in Switzerland is the ‘Zwanzgerle’, wherein the adults have to break the decorated eggs of their children with a twenty cent coin.

How the bunny lays the eggs, hard-boiled no less, is a mystery, one that you can explain to your children however you like. The hodgepodge of Easter has historical roots, largely tracing back to the spread of Christianity. When Christians the central guidance of the budget process is the responsibility of the: attempted to convert people to their religion, they tried to incorporate other holidays into their own. Looking at the origins of the modern holiday can reveal a lot about what Easter traditions around the world really mean.