Who Is Leaving Qvc? Why Is Qvc Laying Off Hosts?


Bryant recalled how they huddled together to figure out the best way to sell fragrances on-air — scent not experienced. And then there was that wild ride with her and “Ernie” to dine in Philly, and the party they threw in honor of Bryant’s book in their Beverly Hills mansion. If ever there was a class act on QVC that we looked up to, aspired to be like, it was beauty entrepreneur Tova Borgnine. So we were saddened to read on Facebook today that she had passed away at age 80. We understand how much you value this space as a place to make meaningful connections and share what’s on your mind. So, as we continue to build out our community experience—both onsite and on other platforms—we’re keeping our Blogs & Forums live.

Mary Nelson is a KMTV veteran with a wide range of reporting, anchoring and TV hosting experience, but there’s a lot you may not know about this TV dynamo. Mary’s first opportunity to join KMTV came more than 18 years ago. As a reporter, she was on the ground in Hallam in 2004 shortly after an F4 tornado struck. Rodger is currently married to a QVC beauty expert presenter – Alison Young. I guess some get off on hitting below the belt. Well, we all know Antonella has been known to read this page and maybe words of encouragement would be nicer for her to see when she is so down.

And, I’ve caught her weight related digs to vendors and models a few times. Ok, that’s a great inspiration for losing weight….but a thought to live your life by? And she is fit, but has a mouth full of big Chiclet teeth. Just saying….she should look in the mirror before judging others. And she is another quiet, smug know it all. And, don’t forget, she stole Paul from his wife.

With all the crazy news going on in this world, Antonella still makes the front page.. I’m sorry Antonella, I tried, to make it go away but what can I say, some just revel in trash. As for Carolyn, I hope they don’t fire her. Best of luck to everyone at the Q. Not my favorite, but I certainly don’t dislike her.

However, there’s speculation that the outbreak has impacted QVC and led them to lay off presenters. Antonella Nester, Gabrielle Kerr, Stacey Stauffer, and Kristine Zell took to their respective social media pages on July 16, 2020 to announce their departure from QVC. They have been kauni travel on the network for varying durations, but are some of the most popular presenters on QVC. Hence their departure has been sad news for viewers. The wife and then widow of talented actor Ernest Borgnine, Tova sold perfume and some other products on the home shopping network.