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We have heard tales of people trying to escape Alcatraz, but how exactly did they do it? In 1945, one of the inmates by the name of John Giles was one who was able to jump off the rock. However, Alcatraz was the only prison to offer their criminals hot showers.

Believe it or not, many Alcatraz guards chose to live on the island itself. The rent was cheap, the commute was short, and they were allowed to bring their families. This meant children lived in close proximity to some of the country’s worst criminals. Alcatraz had 336 cells measuring 5 feet by 9 feet, each with a cot, a basin, and a toilet.

However, 23 were caught in the act, six were shot and killed during their attempts, and at least two drowned in the freezing bay. While prisoners might sit in their cells dreaming about escaping, very few of the ones on Alcatraz ever actually attempted it. The Rock was known as the country’s most secure prison, and criminals there seem to have decided it wasn’t worth trying. The vast majority simply resigned themselves to serving out their time. The convicts couldn’t speak to each other or the guards when standing in line, when being moved around the prison, or even when eating, except to order their food.

But the worst offenders were sent to D-Block , where the really bad stuff happened. The rule was scrapped in 1937, not just because ex-convicts were telling newspaper journalists how harsh the rule was, but also because it was difficult to enforce and the men were finding ways around it . After that, silence was only compulsory in solitary confinement. According to the Alcatraz History website, inmates were able to take part in correspondence courses offered by the University of California. Prisoners could select from 19 different courses that ranged from Elementary English Literature and Beginning Algebra to Poultry Husbandry.

According to The Gardens of Alcatraz, the so-called Rock was actually a great place for plants, thanks to the military importing soil to the island in the 1800s. When the federal Bureau of Prisons took the history of ethical regulations in human subjects research began with the over in 1933, the warden’s secretary started taking care of the plants and convinced the warden to let prisoners help, too. They worked with horticulturalists to transform the Rock into a paradise.

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