Which Of The Next Statements Is Appropriate An Actual Class Eleven Physics Cbse


A “virtual” image occurs when light rays don’t actually meet at the picture. In flat, or plane mirrors, the picture is a digital image, and is identical distance behind the mirror as the thing is in entrance of the mirror. On the other hand, a virtual which of the following occur as the energy of a photon increases? image is all the time produced by aircraft mirrors, convex mirrors, and concave lenses . A airplane mirror types the picture of an object by reflecting the sunshine rays coming from the object. Rear view mirrors of automobiles are convex in nature.

Thus, from the above discussion here we will conclude that the correct possibility that stands with a true statement is Option D. Give one use every of a concave and a convex mirror. The picture is erect and smaller in dimension than the object. Image fashioned by a convex __________ is always virtual and smaller in dimension. Statement B is true, as the distance between picture and mirror is the same as the gap between object and mirror.

Light rays from the thing strike the mirror and mirror according to the legislation of reflection. When a few of the light rays enter our eye, our eye and brain interpret these rays as having traveled in a straight line path. A airplane mirror is a mirror with a flat reflective surface. For light rays hanging a aircraft mirror, the angle of reflection equals the angle of incidence. The angle of the incidence is the angle between the incident ray and the surface normal . A aircraft mirror will all the time produce a digital image.

A. Real picture and digital picture form on the identical aspect of the refracting surface that’s on the opposite of the object. Concave lens will all the time type virtual, erect and diminished photographs. A convex mirror Can kind image of objects unfold over a big space.

Find answers to questions requested by students like you. The nature of the picture i.e. magnification, dimension, and shape of the picture depends on the type of mirror used. The correct option is A They can’t be captured on a screen. The picture is laterally inverted, which implies the left-right inversion.