What Is Represented By The Distance Between Two Vertical White Gridlines On This Graph?


The separate lines that are made by connecting the points for each city. List each item and locate the points on the graph for both the lines. The alternate name for the multimodal distribution is the plateau distribution. Various processes with normal distribution are put together. Since there are many peaks adjacent together, the tip of the distribution is in the shape of a plateau. The applications of histograms can be seen when we learn about different distributions.

It belongs to quadrant II as x-axis is negative and the y-axis is positive. For example, in a company finance team wants to plot the changes in the cash amount that the company has on hand over time. In that case, they use the line graph plotting the points over the horizontal and the vertical axis.

According to this graph, species that exhibit a Type III curve typically produce large numbers of offspring.

The point where XX’ and YY’ cross is called the origin, and is denoted by O. Since the positive numbers lie on the directions OX and OY, OX and OY are called the positive directions of the x-axis and the y-axis respectively. Similarly, OX’ and OY’ are called the negative directions of the x- and y-axes respectively. It is essential to know that all line graphs must have a title part.

The Co-vertices resemble “b”and the coordinates of co-vertices are (h,k+b) and (h,k-b). The coordinates of vertices are (h+a, k) and (h – a,k). The width of the minor axis of the hyperbola is 2b units. The range of the strawberry pound cake bath and body works major axis of the hyperbola is 2a units. The midpoint of the line connecting the two foci is named the center of the hyperbola. Notice that the definition of a hyperbola is very comparable to that of an ellipse.

This scale allows you to compare species with widely varying life spans on the same graph. It will be better to choose any four suitable sets of from the observation table. All the six sets of observations may complicate the graph. Draw straight lines joining u1 with v1; u2 with v2; u3 with v3;……. These lines will intersect at point K as shown in the following graph.

Hence, the point is at a distance of 4 from the X-axis and 3 from Y-axis. The coordinates of the point P and Sare and , respectively. Hence, comparison of parts of a whole may be done by a pie chart.

To plot a point on the graph sheet we require two numbers, known as coordinates viz. Since, the x-coordinate represents the distance of the point from Y-axis is zero, therefore the points lying on the Y-axis have x-coordinate as zero. We have already discussed in the previous question that a line graph displays data that changes continuously over periods of time. Pie chart is a pictorial representation of the data in which the whole is represented by a circle and the parts, by non-intersecting adjacent sectors. The y-coordinate of a point is its perpendicular distance from the x-axis measured along the y-axis and it is known as Ordinate. The x-coordinate of a point is its perpendicular distance from the y-axis measured along the x-axis and it is known as Abscissa.