What Is Logical Link Control In Networking?


It has been the most widely used method of linking computers together in LANs since the 1990s. The basic idea of its design is that multiple computers have access to it and can send data at any time. The MAC layer is the lower part of the data link layer. The MAC layer is used for defining the working or functionality of which is unique for a particular network technology like Ethernet. The LLC layer is used for adding a field to each Ethernet frame.

However, fiber cables generally have a much greater signaling range than copper. It makes sure the appropriate physical protocol is assigned to the data. The data link layer is the second layer in the OSI Model.

D. Data that is transmitted over the network can only flow in one direction. Wireless encoding includes sending a series of clicks to delimit the frames. Signaling is a method of converting a stream of data into a predefined code. The Layer 3 address must be reassigned to allow communications to the new network. Token passing networks have problems with high collision rates.

802.2 is concerned with managing traffic over the physical network. The Data Link Layer wants to send some data over the network, 802.2 Logical Link Control helps make this which of the following personal decisions is not impacted by finance? possible. It also helps by identifying the line protocol, like NetBIOS, or Netware. Ethernet is a way of connecting computers together in a local area network or LAN.

Physical topologies display the IP addressing scheme of each network. A hybrid topology is one that is a variation or a combination of other topologies. Both partial mesh and the extended star are examples of hybrid topologies. C. Data that is transmitted over the network flows in both directions at the same time. B. Data that is transmitted over the network flows in one direction at a time. A. Data that is transmitted over the network flows in one direction to many different destinations simultaneously.

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The transmitting node sends an out-of-band signal to the receiver about the beginning of the frame. It is easier to terminate and install than copper cabling. To help prevent the effects of crosstalk, UTP cable wires are twisted together into pairs. Twisting the wires together causes the magnetic fields of each wire to cancel each other out.