What Is Another Word For Tech


Seek to master that one thing by researching it first and then using it first-hand. Here’s a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Savvy is most commonly used as an adjective to describe a person who’s generally knowledgeable, experienced, and well-informed. Synonyms that capture these same qualities are shrewd, astute, and canny. A person who loves or is enthusiastic about advanced technology.

As online password managers are not used only by IT professionals, you could also simply state experienced/seasoned internet users. We should avoid using it in our resumes, and it would help to know what better options are out there. This article will explore all the best alternatives to help you.

Being technology savvy increases your productivity and efficiency since you are able to achieve more in less time. Instead of taking out time from busy schedule to go and have a meeting with someone, you can choose teleconferencing or even text messages in case there is someone you aren’t able to contact. For technology savvy people, even shopping takes just a single click instead of long routes with immense traffic. There are no forgotten dates and reminders because everything is with you at all times within the portable devices you carry. Though “technologically literate” might be a better choice of words than “technically literate”. Tech-loving is not necessarily tech-knowing, and vice versa.

You may think that you don’t need to know the different types and models of cameras and lenses because you are not a photographer by professions. It is likely that you may never be asked questions about something that is irrelevant to your profession. However, you should still attempt to increase your know-how because whatever you learn may be useless now but will most likely help you at some point in the future. Well, Google is definitely a good friend when you have a query. So, make it a habit to use Google whenever you have a question or wish to research a topic of interest.

This is a surprisingly overlooked skill, so it will set you apart. If you have the skills to be technology savvy, you have the power to change the traditional workplace and working hours for yourself. With little or no compromise on salary, you can demand flexible work locations setpoliticalreview and working hours. Not only will this help you manage your work-life balance well but you are also likely to impress your employer with your ability to go against the mainstream and still perform better. IMO, IT professionals are implicitly considered power users.

I am a technical expert with proficiency in all of the most common types of software on the market. I have the ability to understand any program I am asked to within the first few hours. I have many skills, the least of which is my computer literacy. I can use any software from any company and learn it in a short space of time. I have been technically proficient for as long as I can remember, and I’ve only furthered my knowledge thanks to recent employment opportunities. I am technically proficient in all the necessary software that you will require of me.

I am known as a technophile amongst my peers, and they always come to me for help when they need to learn more about technology. “Technophile” works well when you want to show that you are great with technology. You should only use this word if you’re able to back it up by some method . I am a computer expert, and you can find out more about the skills I have if you refer to my website at the following address. “Familiar with technology” is a good way to show that you have plenty of experience with “technology.” If we’re “familiar,” it means we do not shy away from a technologically-reliant task.