Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Doan Cha Oc


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You should not be deceived by the simplicity of this dish’s look, ingredients list or presentation. It is a culinary journey wrapped up in four slices of bread and a little dish of egg souffle from the tentative first dip into the sauce to the confident stab of the yolk underneath. Nep Cafe’s “Dao” lives up to its name; the first bite of this appetizer leaves you a changed person. Nep Cafe is a fusion restaurant that offers spins on classic Vietnamese cuisine that are tasty, almost too pretty to eat and refreshingly innovative—which is no easy feat in OC’s expansive and always-Instagrammable food culture. Sandwiched between a residential area and the nondescript acres of Fountain Valley Regional Hospital, there’s a plaza that faces a run-of-the-mill view of a public park. With a location description as lacking in excitement as that, one might not expect to find some of the hottest food spots in Orange County all lined up in a convenient, mouthwatering row.

Its purpose is to inform fellow students and the surrounding community about school issues, events, and student culture. Baron News is a public forum for student expression and adheres to California Ed Code 48907. The egg foam comes off as more of a slight sweet flavor that has an amazing richness and creaminess to it that takes standard caffeination to another level. When stirred, the coffee and the egg parts of the drink blend seamlessly.

Family-owned and attractively appointed, the extensive menu offers newbies and Vietnamese food connoisseurs alike a smorgasbord of choices. Appetizers run the gamut from simple goi cuon salad rolls and satay skewers to more obscure hen xuc banh da — crispy black sesame rice crackers topped with marinated clams. Specialty noodle soups take you on a journey from Northern Vietnam to Central, and then Southern Vietnam with bowls like bun mang ga , bun bo hue, and, of course, pho.

Direct comparison of the two plots revealed that the stations had on average similar species, and that differences were due variations in the abundant species. After the Phyloseq object creation, low abundance ASVs , Mitochondria, Chloroplast, Eukaryotes sequences, and potential contaminants (Sheik et al., 2018) were removed. The resulting dataset was represented by 703 unique ASVs and 535,009 reads.

The alpha diversity was investigated using both the Simpson and Shannon diversity index among the two sampled areas. The beta diversity was investigated using the UNIFRAC and Jaccard diversity index as implemented in the vegan package (Oksanen et al., 2012). Both the abundance weighted and unweighted version of the index was used. The resulting similarity matrix was plotted using non-metric multidimensional scaling techniques implemented in the ordination command of Phyloseq.