The job market in Tulsa is in great shape these days, but it’s still early. There have been a number of job openings, but it’s still early. With a good work/life balance it’s never too early to start looking.

The number of Tulsa-based jobs is shrinking and the recession is taking its toll on the city’s employment base. The unemployment rate in Tulsa is currently hovering at 9.8% and has been going down. This means that more people are trying to find jobs, but it’s harder to find a job now than it was even a few years ago. With the current job market, the hiring process is taking longer than ever, even with a good work-life balance.

The current job market is the result of the recession and the overall state of the economy. In order to keep people employed, city governments have been putting more and more restrictions on how people can earn a living and this has hurt job growth. In addition, the recent law that prohibited discrimination against LGBT people in employment has helped keep the job market in the state more competitive.


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