The Worst Carrier Of Contamination Of Food Service Is​


These contaminants were reported to be composed of hard and soft plastics, metal, rubber, and glass which may originate from packaging materials and unmaintained equipment. In some cases, utensils coated with non-food grade materials have been reported to have contaminated foods with toxic metals. This case is an example showing how important the source of your materials must be high-quality. Agricultural products such as fertilizer residues and pesticides can stay on raw produce.

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A report from the World Health Organization mentioned that when food contamination occurs in one place, consumers from the other side of the planet may also be affected. Depending on the degree of contamination, their effects on other industries can be significant. Cases of physical contamination can result in a widespread food recall in food manufacturers. In 2019, the presence of physical contaminants has topped the charts of food recalls.

Depending on the pathogenic contamination present in food, their effects can range from mild problems such as nausea to life-threatening foodborne illnesses. With our digital FSMS, you can ensure that the monitoring tasks built to keep out food contamination in your everyday processes are always performed. For most food contaminations, the timing of detection is important. As an example, the early detection of physical contamination can prevent bigger problems as this type of contamination can become a precursor for microbiological contamination.

Biological contaminations can produce distinct changes in the food items after a while. These changes are indicative of food spoilage and that the food products are not safe for consumption anymore. As such, it is the responsibility of every food handler to have the best approach to food safety. One of the key elements in this everyday battle is to know the common sources of food safety risks. Every food handler must understand what is food contamination. Food contamination can occur at any point in the food supply chain but can be effectively prevented by proper food handling practices.

Managers learn how to lower the risk of spreading illnesses. Get your food handler card in just 2 hours with our ANSI-ASTM accredited course. Access to sufficient amounts of safe and nutritious food is key to sustaining life and promoting good health. Employers and management should also lead by example and practice the same handwashing best practices they want their employees to follow.