The Objectives Of The 4e Framework For Social Media Are Excite, Educate, Engage, And Evaluate


Once a firm has considered the viability, they need to focus efforts on a few segments they wish to serve. This set of prospects, buyers, and customers with a set of homogeneous characteristics is called a target market. When firms select highly similar segments and focus on the commonalities of all segments, they are essentially undifferentiating the marketing mix.

A _____ offers an item for free or at a bargain price to reward some type of behavior, such as buying, sampling, or testing. When designing in-store signage, retailers often develop yellow signs and shelf tags with bold lettering to catch consumers’ attention. The use of visuals in this manner represents the _____ component of the communication process. Quality commentary on the intersection of marketing and technology strategy, but unfortunately, not a well-tagged blog.

Gross Rating Points measure how often the audience is exposed to a communication within a specified period of time. The _____ method determines the budget required to undertake specific tasks to accomplish communication objectives. “Top-of-mind awareness” is when consumers indicate that they know the brand when the name is presented to them. A company sales force is composed of people who are employees of the selling company. Loretta would like to know which, if any, of her firm’s IMC efforts are working. She could use all of the following EXCEPT _______________ to provide feedback from her efforts.

The final step in the process of creating a social media campaign is to A. Design the elements of the campaign. The first step in the process of creating a social media campaign is to A. In terms of implementation, marketers need to develop and monitor the firm’s ability to communicate the desired positioning of the firm to target customers. Also, controls need to establish if all the firm’s efforts in the marketing mix support the MSP and positioning strategy . With this are firms able to predict what kind of customers will buy their new product, this is important because the firm can develop effective pricing, promotion and other marketing strategies to get accepted by each customer group.

Understanding the challenges, opportunities, and the complexity of factors to consider will therefore become even more important to marketers. Unfortunately there is no one recipe to suit all products, all firms, or even similar segments. With a marketplace of more than 7 billion people, constant innovation will be the only constant, and marketers will constantly need to find new ways to understand, influence, and provide value to a wide range of divergent markets. The objectives of the 4E framework for social media are excite, educate, engage, and evaluate. Positive engagement through social media often makes customers more profitable for the firm. For marketers, media-sharing sites such as YouTube or Flickr are social media tools best used to A.

As PhD students, we found it difficult to access the research we needed, so we decided to create a new Open Access publisher that levels the playing field for scientists across the world. By making research easy to access, and puts the academic needs of the researchers before the business interests of publishers. How can firms use customer demographics like income, market size, education, and ethnicity to market to their customers better? Discuss with the help of suitable examples. Isaac wants to measure the effectiveness of his company’s advertising campaign.

Consumers differ in many aspects, even when they share the same need or if they are searching for a solution to the same problem. Prospective buyers differ in what they are willing to pay and buying attitude to buying practices . “Segmentation is a way to cut the larger population into smaller groups or categories of people with similar needs, wants, and demands. Adept marketers also consider lifestyles and product usage ”. Labels provide info the consumer needs for purchase decision and consumption of the product, can also be used for promotion.

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Buying motives for a business customer, though, is likely to differ from that of the individual end-user . For example, a consultant using his/her phone as a mobile office is likely to have different needs such as large memory, long battery life, and various pre-loaded office management software. In contrast a private individual consumer can you microwave a paper plate may be more interested in the quality of the camera and the media speakers than those criteria listed by business customers. Marketers have the ability to share information with a vast range of audiences and potential customers, using blogs, photographs ,videos , personalized direct e-mail campaigns, and corporate website content.