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After untold eons of inundated oblivion, the time has finally come to restore the terrestrial realm and appoint a new regent to govern it—Adam, the first man. Steve Quayle is a world renown researcher and author who has published over ten books on a wide variety of subjects ranging from ancient giants, to the UFO phenomenon, to the Nazis and Antarctica, to the rise of transhumanism. Since his days as a popular radio talk show host, Quayle has been arming his audience with the knowledge to prepare them for the heart-stopping realities that are coming upon the Earth. The Russian hoax means that Russia is no longer the chief boogeyman to scare people.

He believes that the narrative of Genesis 6 is the key to unlocking the secrets of the prehistoric past, and the cipher for decoding the mysteries of the prophetic future. The GenSix logo was designed to convey this idea. Known as the modern-day Indiana Jones, Timothy Alberino is a consummate explorer. His inquisitive mind and insatiable appetite for adventure have led him all over the planet in search five boxes of bananas sell for $30.00. how many boxes can you buy for $9.00? of lost cities, lost civilizations, hidden treasures, and legendary creatures. He is also an avid researcher and published author whose scholarly pursuits are as daring as his expeditions. GenSix Productions was launched in 2014 with a mission to set the record straight giving an accurate historical and contemporary worldview based on the pivotal episode recorded in the sixth chapter of Genesis .

Life changing catastrophes abound in the history of our world. Shortly after this holographic grid failure, I saw an impact off the coast of California that was followed by a massive tidal wave at least 2,000 feet tall. I live in Crescent City, California which is a coastal city. As the tidal wave approached me I woke up from this dream.

In this fast-paced episode, Steve Quayle, Timothy Alberino and Tom Horn unveil the surprising answers to these compelling questions. Some of these studies indicate that it was a pole shift that took Antarctica from a tropical paradise to a frozen desert waste-land around 12,000 years ago due to the near-earth passing of Nibiru. This information can be found on MrMBB333’s YouTube channel. There are also several whistle-blowers that work for GPS companies who have come forward claiming that they have to constantly readjust the GPS settings in order to account for the movement of the earth’s poles. Nibiru’s extreme gravity also brings some other, very serious, concerns.

Anyone who listens to Steve’s radio interviews, hear the same spin over about how he was almost taken out, on several different occasions I’m guessing by the black ops. Over and over in radio interviews you hear this like a broken record. Yet critical thinking tells me, if he was on some black ops hit list he would be DOA quite some time ago. Keep promoting yourself and lose more listeners. You have been fear-mongering for years. I remember when you went out on Coast to Coast with George Noory in 2004, which you still do by the way, and said that terrorists had acquires nuclear suitcase bombs and that you expected them to go off soon.