Solved How Are The Following Aspects Of A Reaction Affected


When one of these factors changes, the equilibrium of the system is disrupted, and the system readjusts itself until it returns to equilibrium. The following sections go through some of the most essential aspects that impact equilibria. The inhibitor can produce this effect by, e.g., selectively poisoning only certain types of active sites.

The induced fit hypothesis, on the other hand, suggests that the enzyme molecule is flexible and changes shape to accommodate a bond with the substrate. This is not to suggest that an enzyme’s active site is completely malleable, however. Both the lock-and-key model and the induced fit model account for the fact that enzymes can only bind with specific substrates, since in general a particular enzyme only catalyzes a particular reaction . The nitric oxide reacts and is regenerated in these reactions.

It is not permanently used up; thus, it acts as a catalyst. The rate of decomposition of ozone is greater in the presence of nitric oxide because of the catalytic activity of NO. Certain compounds that contain chlorine also catalyze the decomposition of ozone.

For two chemicals react, their molecules have to collide with each other with sufficient energy and in the correct orientation for the reaction to take place. The two molecules will only react if they have enough energy. By heating the mixture, you are raising the energy levels of the molecules involved in the reaction. Increasing temperature also means the molecules are moving around faster and will therefore “bump” into each other more often. Collisions only result in a reaction if the particles collide with a certain minimum energy called the activation energy for the reaction.

A catalyst participates in a reaction is not used up in a reaction itself. The lower the activation energy for a reaction, the faster the rate. Thus enzymes speed up reactions by lowering activation energy. The principle is extremely useful for qualitatively forecasting in the ________ form of ownership, the business itself pays income taxes. the effect of a change in concentration, pressure, or temperature on an equilibrium system. Both chemical and physical equilibrium is governed by this principle. The temperature, pressure, and concentration of the system are all factors that affect equilibrium.