Sandhopper Electric Beach Wagon 24″ X 48″


A rear plate 22 may serve as support for the motor 30, the battery 40, the gear box 31, and the axle mount 25. The rear plate 22 may be bent at ninety degree (90°) angle for added strength. The rear plate 22 may be cut on each side two-thirds-of-an-inch (⅔ in.) from the front to the width of one “U”-shaped frame piece member 21. When others still rely on classic red wagons on heavy coolers, our electric beach carts do the grunt work for you.

Definitely would recommend to anyone who needs a hand truck that is convertible. The Magliner senior does everything I need it to to get the job done. This wagon features a new and improved handle design which contains the throttle, on and off buttons as well as forward or reverse functions for convenience and ease of use. We love our beach wagon.It was so much easier to handle on the sand and very well made in the USA. This Electric-Powered Beach Wagon comes standard with a 90 Amp digital programmable motor controller ergonomically designed to maximize safety performance and durability. Note that it ishighly recommended that you upgrade the standard motor controller to a high output controllerfor Sandhopper Wagons with 16″ tires.

The two-color LED indicator lamp glows red when charging and green when charging is complete. The charger stops when the batteries are fully charged. E-Beach Wagon’s bed is made of plastic to withstand the weather, as well as the routine pounding of heavy gear. For convenient cleaning, simply remove the fastener pins, pop off the bed, and hose off or rinse under water.

I can’t believe how easy the Anderson Dolly makes moving appliances. No more tilting and trying not to hit the walls and doors. And my entry is for sure will work and efficient in beach delivery. Wherein said hinge member can selectively pivot said front “U”-shaped frame member and said rear “U”-shaped frame member toward one another. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT The best mode for carrying out the invention is presented in terms of its preferred embodiment, herein depicted within FIGS. “Easy to set up ! Very sturdy, just the right size for my car, carries a whole lot of weight.”

The further you push the throttle down, the faster your e-Beach Wagon will go. Once the throttle is released, the wagon will come to a complete stop. The wagon’s battery charger is located on the control panel. The port consists of a three-pin female connector and a cover to protect it from outside elements. A 24-volt charging cord is included with the wagon. To charge, simply plug one end of the cord into an electrical wall socket and the other end into the charging port on the wagon.

I bought this Escalera Staircat Hand Truck after careful consideration and comparing features and quality of build. Upon receiving my unit I noticed how superbly it was packaged against damage, and like the functionality and design of the forklift accessory as well as the ease in which the battery can be charged and maintained. mango’s caribbean restaurant One can see immediately the attention to detail the company pays to ensuring the final product is built for heavy duty operation. Will defintely be coming back here to buy again. What a great way to build your own Custom Magliner Hand Truck. Built mine with stair sliders, never flat tires and a easy grip handle.

Simple interface and easy to follow instructions simply the best website. Will never have to buy another hand truck from a different website again. On the control panel of the High performance Sandhopper there is a toggle switch that can control the minimum and maximum speed of the Sandhopper. The braking system includes a brake handle that can apply the brakes to the rear wheels and can be used as a parking brake.

With a battery-powered motor, low pressure tires, and a steering handle complete with controls, all you have to do is keep it on track. Made in the USA, the wagons are battery powered and fully motorized with operating speeds between 0-4 mph. The speed is controlled using a thumb throttle but the wagon also has a hand brake conveniently located on the steering handle for added safety.

The end result is dirty, sandy, or even wet books, toys, magazines, and towels. The world is filled with labor-saving machines, and yet he still had to haul his ever-increasing load of beach gear like a beast of burden. If only someone made a motorized cart of some kind. The cart of claim 1, wherein said rear plate comprised “L”-shaped angle iron.