Romeo And Juliet Story Timeline


She excitedly continues that Juliet must begin to think about marriage because the “valiant Paris” has expressed an interest in her (1.3.76). Juliet dutifully replies that she will look upon Paris at the feast to see if she might love him. A servingman enters to announce the beginning of the feast. It’s Juliet who, refusing to be dishonored and seduced, turns the conversation to marriage. Like many other mothers of teens, Lady Capulet has her hands full with Juliet. Sure, Lady Capulet does make an effort to reach out to her daughter now that she’s of an age to be married.

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Ale was the drink of choice in Shakespeare’s day. Everyone from the poorest farmer to the Queen herself drank the brew made from malt, and a mini brewery was an essential part of every household. Beer, however, eventually became more popular than ale. In this brief scene, Capulet, his Lady, and Paris discuss Juliet’s great distress over the death of her kinsman, Tybalt. Capulet decides that the best remedy for her grief is to wed Paris the following Thursday.

An embarrassed Juliet forcefully commands that the Nurse stop. That may be the running time of the play, but how long does it take from Romeo and Juliet’s perspective? Incredibly, the entire action takes place in less than four days. We meet the lovesick Romeo on a Sunday morning, pining over Rosaline.

Lady Capulet tells Capulet that Juliet has refused to marry Paris. Enraged, Capulet threatens to throw her out of the house if she doesn’t change her mind. Juliet pleads with her mother to intervene, but Lady Capulet refuses. Before Juliet even knows Romeo’s name, she’s head over heels in love and worries that he may already be married to someone else, in which case, she says that she’ll die. Teenage melodrama aside, Shakespeare is foreshadowing the way Juliet will die shortly after her marriage to Romeo.

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Faith was released early due to the time of the year. In the spring all of the baby birds and bunnies and other yummy bobcat treats are just leaving their nests and are often helpless in their first few weeks. Romeo goes to Juliet’s tomb where he disturbs Paris, who is mourning for her.

Now both families see what their enmity has done to the love of there childs. As with any other text, pay close attention to the methods and techniques which all authors use to convey meaning. Spend time analyzing character, setting, plot, theme and dialog. Comprehension of a text works on several levels simultaneously. Ask yourself how context and setting relate to the events in the play.

The nurse told the Capulets of the bad news, and they’re distraught with sadness. Friar Laurence comes to the house, too, and he tells them, to take Juliet to the church. The next morning, Romeo leaves and Juliet’s mother comes in. She says, she would rather marry Romeo, the son of her families enemies. Then Lord Capulet comes upstairs and hears about Juliet’s reaction. He’s very angry and tells Juliet that if she don’t marry Paris, she must leave the house and she’ll be excluded.