Restoring Galveston


Shortly after I posted this morning, I saw that mentioned in another topic around here. I wouldn’t pay a nickel to watch the Gaineses – but if DIY programming is abundant cooking for blockheads automation enough on Discovery+ I would consider paying a few bucks a month. Interesting – I was just this weekend looking into changing my mobile phone service to Verizon.

The designs of Michael and Ashley’s rentals are timeless and elegant, just like the decor in their own 1887 dreamhouse. Since 2019, Michael and Ashley have established themselves as one of the many power duos of the home renovation space on television. Even though most of the homes that they work on hit the market after their renovations, the couple have fallen in love with a few of the homes.

Also, historic buildings, including those designated officially as historic landmarks, are not exempt from ADA accessibility requirements. In the case of the new ice cream parlor, it looked like they had a lot of space to work with in the back, to create a pleasant and fully accessible entrance to the building. I like the Cordrays and I hope they jumped through all the legal hoops with their ice cream parlor.

Because the ADA is a law, and its accessibility standards are indeed “required by law.” As many unfortunate business owners have found out when they came out on the losing end of a lawsuit under the ADA. [The US Dept of Justice’s and Dept of Transportation’s] ADA Standards are not a building code, nor are they enforced like one. They constitute design and construction requirements issued under a civil rights law. There is no plan review or permitting process under the ADA. Nor are building departments required or authorized by the ADA to enforce the ADA Standards . Entities covered by the law ultimately are responsible for ensuring compliance with the ADA Standards in new construction and alterations.

They are helping bring the shine back to Galveston, Texas by repairing and restoring the community’s historic homes with hopes of preserving the island’s history and architecture. Their life may seem a bit crazy, but to them, it’s perfectly normal. You know that Ashley and Michael Cordray of Galveston—he’s BOI, she’s originally from Spring—buy wrecked historic homes on the island, renovate them, and sell them through their real estate firm, Save 1900. Their eight-episode TV debut, Big Texas Fix, aired in April.

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