Protect Your Vacation Rentals Smart Devices With Preventive Maintenance


Very responsive chat support and to me, that’s everything. Lynx Automation’s customer support processes haven’t yet been verified by Hotel Tech Report. “We are very excited to expand our home automation integration partners with the addition of Lynx,” says Jonathan Murray, CEO of MyVR. Convenience and user experience was more important than security.

In Features Page, we added sections that depict the various features of the product. In the Home page, we created a hero section that will have a featured video, tag line & short description of the product. We created session variables such that the inputs made by the user for Name & company will remain auto-filled for the ongoing session.

Furthermore, you can drive future bookings by offering guests a discount if they book a future reservation while staying at a vacation rental with the virtual concierge. In summary, it’s a great way to upsell, drive bookings, and promote onsite amenities. Virtual concierge is also used to boost revenue with upselling, drive bookings, and restaurant reservations within the vacation rental or to promote on-site amenities and guest resources. Allowing guests to book these services more easily takes away the barrier to booking. OpenKey is the leading provider of Digital Key solutions that allow your guests to unlock rooms with their mobile devices, saving them time — and saving you money.

Oracode Live also allows managers to generate, cancel, or extend access codes remotely. With Oracode Live, property managers no longer need to visit a door lock to perform the initial lock bruh home automation programming. Managers can simply activate Oracode keyless locks from a centralized location. Smart locks have a wide array of benefits for property managers as well as for the guest.

Allow guests to bypass the front desk by granting them access to a code for an electronic lock. This will speed up their check in process and cut back on front desk staffing. A valuable benefit for the guest is this creates a 24/7 service. Using smart locks will also reduce the risk of a guest or employee losing the physical key or making extra copies.

We created a Device Custom Post type that has fields like the brand, device type, featured image & brand logo image. We created a Device Custom Post Type that has fields like the brand, device type, featured image & brand logo image. The client asked us to develop a custom functionality where people can check if their device is compatible or not by providing their device model number. The client wanted us to develop a website that showcases it as a single platform for all home automation needs. I think what could be improved is the customer support and their availability.

After achieving these goals, it was time to give ourselves a new name which encompass our company culture and everything we provide to our customers that go beyond SmartLock access. You have all the guest credit cards, and we never touch your money either. If the approved request was, for example, early check-in, Lynx will automatically change the time stamp on the access code and digital key.

PointCentral’s reliable and secure cellular-based technology is proven in more than 5 million homes in the U.S. Their mobile app and enterprise dashboard enable customers to manage access, temperature, HVAC, water, property awareness, and more — with robust, real-time Property Intelligence. Impress your guests and homeowners, improve security, and reduce your operational costs with PointCentral, a subsidiary of Lynx allows lodging operators to automate and personalize the guest experience with digital keys or 4-digit PIN codes that are valid only for the duration of the stay. Guests can be welcomed to their accommodation with a perfect 70F temperature, jazz music playing on the Sonos speakers, lights automatically turned on at 6pm, and an automatically generated text message to check on their stay. A virtual concierge can answer questions specific to the property.