Prayers For Artists


They are curious chickens, and bold. I admire them and they have the nicest little song they sing as they go about their days. Last night when Glen put the 36.1 celsius to fahrenheit hens to bed he came in and told me that one of them was on the ground, in the corner of the hen house and asked if I’d come out to look at her with him.

The country has been spiraling out of control–and I just had to close myself from it–to maintain my own sanity. You don’t even know how honored I am. Speaking of family- it occurs to me all the time how much like family we here in the blog community have become. Would be interesting to see how closely we are actually related. I mean…we all are somewhere down the line.

Value Education provided by great teachers like ‘Aristotle’, ‘Plato’, ‘Ramkrishna Paramhansa’, and ‘Swami Vivekananda’ to become wiser. In contemporary times great players like Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu have emerged successful because of the value-education provided by their coaches. We have the epitome case of Dr. APJ Kalam was not only a great scientist but also a President who connected with people emotionally. Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Nelson Mandela, all of them made a place in the hearts of people. Not just due to their intellect but because of their humanism, their ability to connect with the people.

In the songs of the birds which herald each new day, and in the majestic purple primrose peeking from the soil. In the words of sacred scripture proclaimed in faith, at a bedside, for the last time. In the tear of a family member who lost a loved one… perhaps their only one. He offers instead that “he failed to explain it well enough.” That is no admission, and it doesn’t fly anyway. Does he think voters don’t know what his cobbled-together policy will do to this country? ResoluteHis “we don’t quit – I don’t quit” line was more recalcitrant, truculent, and naïve than it was resolute.

A memorial serves as a lasting physical mark of a lost loved one, making the selection process… ” Well, as the latter part talks about the aspect on to which we are supposed to put our hope, the first part of the verse talks otherwise. It talks about the aspect that shouldn’t gain our hope. It explicitly warns the rich of the world not to put their hope in their riches.