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In contrast, reusable launch vehicle boosters are designed to be recovered intact and launched again. You may also need to purchase an extension cable to connect the rear dash cam to the power supply in larger vehicles. The Rexing V1P won us over with those temp specs and wooed us even more with an industry-leading 170° viewing angle. Not only can you lock and unlock your Porsche using the app, but you can also honk the horn and activate the indicators.

Based on the channel measurement conducted at 28 GHz with train-to-infrastructure deployment in the rural railway environment, a ray tracing simulator is calibrated in terms of environment modeling and electromagnetic calculation. The dominant multi-path components of the measurement are tracked and matched with corresponding objects in the propagation environment. Accordingly, dominant propagation mechanisms (direct, penetration, reflection, scattering, etc.) are determined, the 3D environment model and the EM parameters of different objects are calibrated. To overcome the constraints of the measurement and analyze the influence more practically, the measurement campaign is extended to four different environment cases and four T2I deployments.

It is found to be the main parameter influencing the accuracy and the computational gain of the presented approach. The commonly used standardized technology is DSRC of IEEE 802.11p mongolian desert crossword clue , which is designed for inter-vehicle communication and is employed in this study. Therefore, it is challenging to ensure both QoS and security requirements in VANETs.

Cloud radio access network (C-RAN) is considered as a promising architecture for 5G with advantages of green energy, convenient resources allocation. In this paper, we explore the feasibility of C-RAN for high-speed railway scenarios. A novel phenomenon of group handover is defined in the extensively and densely distributed railway network and we present a resource migration cost with a closed-form expression to depict the group handover. To reduce the cost, we propose a novel connection relationship between the remote radio head and the baseband unit pool. Based on this, we establish a flexible network so as to allocate the resource dynamically and formulate a graph by abstracting the RRH-BBU and BBU-BBU mapping relationship. Then the minimization of resource migration cost along the high-speed train routine is converted into the shortest path problem .

In this paper we analyze the distance dependent path loss and the additional shadowing loss due to a truck through dynamic measurements. We further characterize the large scale fading and the delay and Doppler spreads as a measure of the channel dispersion in the time and frequency domains. It has been found that a truck as an obstacle reduces the received power by 12 and 13 dB on average, for roof antennas, in rural and highway scenarios, respectively.

The VIN is required if the bill of sale is being used as the primary ownership document, but is not required if the bill of sale is being used as a supporting document for missing information on the certificate of title. Ownership must be transferred using Standard Form 97 – The United States Government Certificate to Obtain Title to a Vehicle. In order to be able to use Porsche Connect, you will need a Porsche ID, which is your key to the digital world of Porsche. If you have purchased your Porsche from a dealer, you will automatically receive an e-mail with your Porsche ID and the appropriate registration link for My Porsche.

In a merger or conversion, which is an operation of law, transfer of liens with motor vehicles does not constitute “consideration” since the merger or conversion is not a sale by statute; therefore, no taxable event has occurred. Evidence of merger or conversion is a Certificate of Merger or Conversion issued by the Texas Secretary of State . If the newly formed corporation pays consideration to the individual or partnership, a private-party sale has occurred, and motor vehicle tax is due since the corporation purchased the vehicle from the individual or partnership. SMMT represents the UK automotive industry through the membership of companies involved in design, concept, manufacture, sale, after sale, disposal and recycling of motor vehicles, components and accessories.

One recently emerged and rapidly adopted solution of a similar problem in cellular networks is the so-termed device-to-device communications. Its potential in the vehicular scenarios with unique challenges, however, has not been thoroughly investigated to date. In this paper, we for the first time carry out a feasibility study of D2D for ITS based on both the features of D2D and the nature of vehicular networks. In addition to demonstrating the promising potential of this technology, we will also propose novel remedies necessary to make D2D technology practical as well as beneficial for ITS. The main vision of the Internet of Things is to equip real-life physical objects with computing and communication power so that they can interact with each other for the social good. As one of the key members of IoT, Internet of Vehicles has seen steep advancement in communication technologies.

The My Porsche home page displays the 8-digit pairing code that you need to use Porsche Connect Services in your vehicle. A prerequisite for Porsche Connect Services is an Internet connection set up in your vehicle. Further information and instructions can be found in the Help section of the Porsche Connect Store. The vehicle is increasingly becoming part of the IoT world and is gradually becoming a CPS.