Omarosa’s Book Claims Donald Trump ‘covets His Daughter’ Ivanka


Years ago, the POTUS was also photographed stroking his daughter’s hips after they greeted each other. Now, the father and daughter duo are once again making headlines after eagle-eyed netizens noticed how weird Ivanka’s hand looked while she was kissing the POTUS in India. In the snap, Ivanka’s hand appears to be touching her dad’s crotch while they are exchanging a sweet kiss on the cheek. Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump have a very close relationship with each other. In fact, they are so close that some people are convinced that there is something romantic going on between them.

Although the words have been panned as the kind you “can’t un-hear” and “sick,” perhaps the world shouldn’t have been so surprised by the response, considering their history of cringe-worthy interviews together… While Ivanka was groomed into the woman she is today, her mom says her public persona doesn’t do her justice. “People think she’s all hard polish and elegance, a control freak and a little princess, but really, she’s down-to-earth, empathetic, insightful, and vulnerable at times, and she cares deeply about the people she loves and the causes she supports,” Ivana wrote in her book. A CNN video of Ivanka’s speech at the 2020 RNC shows something quite different. In the apostrophe poem “Daddy,” the late poet addresses her dead father and metaphorically details the bad and worse of their relationship using comparisons to the Holocaust.

Though she has a clothing line and has cited the fact that she believes in modesty in different interviews, Ivanka still seems to be under fire for various looks that the public deemed inappropriate. Shortly after Trump won the 2016 presidential elections, journalist Julia Loffe posted a cryptic silverlaketravelrewards tweet speculating on the nature of Trump’s relationship with Ivanka. The journalist suggested that there’s something physical going on between the two. On “The Wendy Williams Show,” Jared Kushner’s wife laughed hysterically after Trump revealed some of the interests that they share.

Mary L. Trump’s comments about her cousin Ivanka also come as a former Trump organization executive says she expects Allen Weisselberg to eventually turn against the real estate company that’s employed him for decades. Barbara Res, who worked for Donald Trump for a decade beginning in says Weisselberg is currently torn between his loyalty to Donald Trump and the prosecutors, who have the power to either keep the embattled CFO from going to prison, or to keep him out. From being “proud to be a Trump” from such a young age, and modeling her career after him , to being called one of her father’s “most trusted advisors” and standing up for his unfortunate comments against women, it is clear that there must not be much the president can do to get her to stop backing him up. I wont lie, I frequently confused Ivanka for Mr. Trump’s wife when he was first running for president (yep, that’s how much faith I had in him being with age-appropriate women). So, to me, it’s not surprising in the least that there are several things about their relationship that are just borderline awkward. The second eldest of President Trump’s children, Ivanka Trump is well-known due to her success as a model, her inclusion in his company, her guest appearances on The Apprentice, and her full support of her father’s presidential campaign.

Mr. President also told that if Ivanka weren’t his daughter, he would date her. As the crowd roared, Trump goes on to talk about how Ivanka, who is also White House adviser, asked to be with him on the trip to North Dakota. Everyone knows Donald and Ivanka Trump have a special relationship, and the president never hesitates to speak highly of his oldest daughter by mentioning how wonderful she is, but many people have been thinking it goes a little too far.

“I think my mom threatened to put me up for adoption a few times,” the fashion designer told Marie Claire in 2007. Ivanka Trump is a key witness for the January 6 Committee, given her close relationship with her father and her front-row seat to how the day’s events unfolded and how Trump reacted to the deadly insurrection at the US Capitol. The committee is piecing together the timeline of Trump’s movements, communications, and actions on January 6. A lot has been written about the relationship between Ivanka Trump and her father.

So maybe, for Ivanka, “daddy” is exactly the right word for her father — in the Plath, authoritarian, controller who must be told the truth, sense of the word. If only, like Plath, Ivanka was capable of letting her daddy know how us villagers really feel. I understand there are some daughters who have a close relationship with their fathers. My dad and I are best buds; we renovate houses together, we talk about astronomy, chemistry, theoretical and quantum physics, and stupid science fiction nearly all the damned time. All of those pictures remind me of a movie from 1994 that I think does a good job depicting Trump’s relationship with Ivanka. The moment Donald Trump got into the white house, Ivanka Trump’s brand has been under media scrutinization with every move and action being criticized by the media.