Oil Quench Tank Large British Army Green 81mm Ammo Box Tin Container Mortar Upr


Holds 625+ robusto size cigars or boxes and weighs about 25lbs. Brown in color and may feature original military stencils and/or explosive warning graphics. Two handles are built into the side and top for a two-man… Thick, heavy duty rubber seal that is in like new condition with a lift off lid. There are handles on the side for easy handling. Providing the finest US mil-spec surplus ammunition components since 2014.

No matter what kind of equipment you decide to store, you can be sure it’ll stay safe inside this beefy container. Mine sustained a blow to one of the handles which bent things a little but handle still works. Can’t go wrong with genuine military ammo cans. I bought one of these boxes for my can collection as I have a variety of different ammo cans but did not have one of these yet.

That can came just as shown with blue paint over the markings. I like to see the markings on the cans and have got other cans in the past that have had paint on them but it’s not hard to get it off. Some paint is tougher than others to remove depends were it came from.

This is a genuine US military surplus 81mm mortar ammunition can, military designation PA-156. These ammo cans feature a carry handle on both sides as well as latches on either side so the lid can be completely removed from the can. The lid features a rubber gasket that creates a watertight seal when the can is closed. This oversized beauty was originally tasked with protecting 81mm M252 mortar rounds from the destructive effects of transport and long-term storage. Interior measurements are over a foot across and almost 2 feet deep.

I use this can to store tanerite to keep it dry and safely stored. Can seals perfect, so just toss in a few silica packs and seal it for dry safe storage. Item is what you’d expect from military surplus. You can sand it down and repaint if you like, but I’ll leave it as is. It has more than enough room once you remove the foam inserts.

The ammo box will be EMPTY when it is shipped to you. The PA-156 ammo cans are labeled for various types of 81mm mortars to include high explosive , white phosphorus smoke and various others. The seller has not specified a shipping method to India.

We also offer personalization such as custom decals, painted stencils or custom paint/powdercoating. Can be customized to fit any request. Contact us with any questions before ordering. The 81MM Ammodor custom cigar primed mods humidor is built by re-purposing a vintage C374MK281mm mortarshell ammo can originally used by the US/British/UN Military. Great item for keeping your wallet and phone dry when kayaking or hiking in wet conditions.

Completely waterproof with rubber seals on the inside. The 81mm ammo can is slightly shorter and wider than the 120mm ammo can with great capacity. All steel, manufactured to strict U.S. military specs. Rubber gasket keeps moisture out through rain, mud, and unexpected storage disasters. Dual swing-out steel handles provide easy carrying.