Mississippi Mudslides Milkshake Recipe


When a couple reaches the climax, the partner who penetrates ejaculates his semen and deposit in the butt hole of his partner. At this time, the couple feels relaxed and satisfied. Which means a couple shares a milkshake that is blended with the semen of either of the partners.

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It didn’t set up too firm but it was still amazing! I’m going to read through the reviews and see if there’s anything I can change because I want to make it again or possibly make a homemade pie crust with it. In a mixer, whip egg yolks and sugar until light and fluffy.

The pharmacy was eventually eliminated, but the soda fountain has remained — and retained its vintage vibe. And according to USA Today, Brent’s serves up the best milkshakes in Mississippi. Well, this is something out of sexual fun. Sex is one act that portrays the ultimate love of one person from another. This includes sex positions, sex behaviors, oral sex, anal sex and this is always inspired by nature and the surroundings.

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Because this is all about sex and after sex behavioral patterns which a few couples try to get into each other so deeply, may be out of lust or love. The recipe has been modified over time with many finding that it is better to add 1% milk instead of whole milk and you can throw in some vanilla wafers as well. You can also make the pie with layers of pudding instead of custard. The custard is placed between pies and whipped cream is used to top it off. After anal sex, the deposited semen and excrament are dripped into a glass and consumed by both parties. If you love milkshakes, then you need to try this Mississippi Mudslides Milkshake at your home.

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