milled ak furniture is a brand new design concept that I am so excited about and I feel like I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The concept is a line of custom-homes in which each home is built with an organic material of their own choosing. There are three different levels of building. The first, the “organic” home, is simply an organic build. Each home is built entirely of locally-grown wood.

The second level, the local-home, is a home that is built locally. Each home is built with the same local materials that are used in the organic home, but each home is built with a different grain of wood. The idea is that each home is unique, and you can decide which color, size, and type of wood you want. Then, when you choose a home, you can choose from five different levels of care.

I had never really seen this before. The concept of the local home is an interesting one. It’s not really a home in the traditional sense, but it serves as a way for the builder to be a little less involved in creating a home. Instead of building a house from scratch, the builder can have a local home built close to his shop, and in the process, he’s a little less involved in setting up the entire house.


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