Meritene Vanilla 15 Sachets


US 7,063,866 claims a product made from raw oatmeal flakes, in which each flake is covered with a fat-free adherent coating, which comprises sugar, fructose, honey, among others and which aims to adhere to the Leaflet vitamins, dyes, sweeteners, flavorings, natural nutrients. This is the document of the state of the art that is observed as the closest to the present invention. It seeks to solve the same technical problem, which includes providing flavored and / or sweetened oat flakes.

The secondary equipment complements the line to separate the ground shell, impurities and dust generated during the process. The storage for the conservation of the grains will be of the “Normal Atmosphere” type, where the air surrounding the grains has practically the same composition as the atmospheric air. The levels of fat present in Meritene Vanilla 15 sachets they are extremely low achieving total cholesterol reduction.

At the beginning of the test, the cinnamon-flavored premix dispenser was calibrated, this was performed for a capacity of 1,500 kilograms of flake whose dosage was 0.274 kg / min. This dosage was made minutes before starting the productions and subsequently monitored every 10 minutes. Once it stabilized, the control time was increased to 30 minutes. Work was done at Bank 1 at a capacity of 1,800 kg / h during the 55 minutes that the test lasted and samples were analyzed every 15 minutes, taking counter samples every 10 minutes. The thickness of the leaflet finally obtained was 0.53 mm and humidity of 8.92%.

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With these problems in view, it has been sought to flavor the oat flake without the use of traditional methods, which damage the quality of the flake or produce disintegrations of the flavoring elements and raise the costs of the finished product for packaging final. The finished product obtained is an oat flake of color and flavor defined by the EAS element, with homogeneous distribution of said element. With the method used, it is not possible for the EAS element to disintegrate since it has been firmly attached to each leaflet. Therefore, the method provides a new stable and homogeneous product in taste and appearance. Oatmeal is a cereal that has a long history of consumption around the world and, in general, consumers add the sweetener or taste of preference in their home in the form of preparation they estimate.

This entry shows the flow of the bribing and sweetening elements, towards the process of making flake at the points where the expected effect on the final product occurs and are part of the innovation that is intended to be highlighted with this document. The inclusion of flavorings and sweeteners to improve both taste and color has advantages over the 100% natural product, since it brings the minor age consumer closer, that is, children between 4 and 10 years old. E) the above mixture is subjected to temperature by incorporating direct dry steam (700 kPas and 1 10 ° C) until reaching a temperature between 95 ° and 1 10 ° C and a humidity of the mixture between 25% and 35%; f) entry of oats to the rolling equipment.

This stage corresponds to the separation of the grain from impurities and foreign matter from the cellar or silo, in which equipment is used that has meshes or sieves, which act by vibration, rotation or aeration. They also allow to discriminate the oats grains of greater and smaller size, being able to have different treatments for each type in the following processes. It is essential that the grains are stored with humidities below 13%, since as humidity increases above the humidity of receipt, deterioration increases, mainly caused by the growth of microorganisms, such as fungi, yeasts and bacteria. These microorganisms need moisture to grow and as they develop, they increase the level of respiration and increase the temperature of the grain mass. To prevent this from happening, the silos have a monitoring system, in which a circuit with hanging probes called thermocouples is used. It corresponds to the cleaning of the raw material that has been received, allowing to separate and retain the greatest amount of thick foreign materials, such as oatmeal, foreign materials, etc.

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The resulting product at this stage is called GROAT (GROAT, it is the international name that receives oatmeal and thermally stabilized oatmeal. It is a very stable and easy to store product, and is an intermediate product that is subsequently transformed into oat flakes). The invention relates to the food industry, particularly the production of cereals. Disclosed is a method for producing a cereal consisting of rolled oats which is flavoured and sweetened, as well as the use of said method for producing food based on flavoured oats. The objective of the present invention is to ensure that each oat flake leaves the entire and flavored production process. In the state of the art there are various attempts to provide flavored cereal flakes, in particular oat flakes, however the organoleptic characteristics of such products or the high production costs do not satisfy the market requirements.

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