Saprotrophs similar to bacteria and fungi recycle the natural matter present within the bodies of lifeless organisms by mixing it with the soil. Decomposers convert the organic matter present in the our bodies of useless virtual bus driver organisms into inorganic types and blend them with the soil. The third trophic stage is all the time occupied by carnivores. The first trophic level is occupied by producers, the second by herbivores and the fourth by decomposers.

Waste supplies that cannot be broken down into non-poisonous or innocent substances in nature are referred to as non- biodegradable wastes. Some materials are biodegradable, whereas some are non-biodegradable, because decomposers break down natural supplies such as paper however do not break down man-made materials corresponding to plastics. Non-biodegradable supplies consist of compounds that are not degraded by decomposers, and they persist within the environment. Snakes belong to the third trophic level and hawks belong to the fourth trophic level within the food chain. Limiting elements forestall deer populations from reproducing in higher numbers than their habitat can assist.

Write a standard meals chain of a pond ecosystem having 4 links. How does a biodegradable waste differ from a non-biodegradable waste? Give two examples of non-biodegradable wastes which pollute our environment. The second trophic level consists of insects, and the fourth trophic degree consists of snakes. Two natural ecosystems are the pond ecosystem and the forest ecosystem. Two synthetic ecosystems are the crop subject ecosystem and the aquarium ecosystem.

Hence the statement ‘extreme use of pesticides to guard crops from illnesses may trigger long-term damage to mankind’ is justified. ‘If we excessively use pesticides to guard the crops from illnesses, then it could cause long-term injury to mankind’. Any top consumer, corresponding to a tiger or a python, may have been within the place of the lion within the forest. Nylon fabric is non-biodegradable and pollutes the setting. A jute carry bag is made from jute, which is a plant fibre.

Explain why, a meals chain usually can’t have more than three or 4 steps. 2) Broken plastic articles, corresponding to plastic luggage, buckets, bowls, cups and plates, are sent to plastic-processing factories, the place they’re melted and remoulded to make new articles. When the vitality available at the producer stage is 100,000 J, only 10 J of power is out there to the hawk. Write a food chain which offers meals to lion on this case. Do you think that the food chain given on this query can actually be regarded as a food chain?

Predator-prey relations are an necessary driving pressure to enhance the fitness of both predator and prey. In phrases of evolution, the predator-prey relationship continues to be beneficial in forcing both species to adapt to guarantee that they feed without changing into a meal for one more predator. In many higher organisms, the prey may be killed by the predator prior to feeding. For example, a cheetah will stalk, run down, and kill its prey .