Machinery, Plant And Equipment Labour Administration And Inspection


Your business’s main assets will be the regularly-used equipment that contributes to your business’s success. For example, if you own a restaurant, a walk-in refrigerator is going to be one of your essential assets—your business can’t function without it. For regular refrigerator maintenance, it’s important to check door seals, defrost built-up ice, check the drip pan and drain hole, and clean the condenser coils every so often. Your heating, ventilating, and cooling system is integral to the success of your business. If your A/C goes bust at the height of summer, for instance, you can expect fewer customers and a negative impact on business. Ensure your HVAC system is routinely inspected to avoid costly repairs in the event of future damage.

For example, preventive maintenance will be scheduled when vibration on a certain component reaches a certain threshold, indicating that it should be replaced or lubricated. When creating a time-based preventive maintenance plan, or deciding what to add to it, consider the major utilities, equipment, tools, and technology that your business depends upon for success. These should be checked on a regular basis to the term “social media” refers exclusively to social networking sites like facebook. ensure that your business continues to thrive. The last thing you’ll want to do is close for several days due to a problem that could’ve been prevented with a bit of planning. All facilities face potential risks which, left unchecked, can put workers, occupants and goals of a business in jeopardy. Facility managers and their teams are responsible for securing these risks and upholding safety in a facility.

These will have reached the end of their lives and must be taken out of service and be replaced if the service they provide is to continue. Equipment that is being decommissioned should be disposed of safely and according to proper disposal procedures. Stopping operation and dealing with a suspected problem between scheduled maintenance periods can be an enormous savings in failure costs and subsequent losses. Another valuable resource for getting to know your machines inside out is to involve the machine operators.

If possible, always check the work history on the item in question before scheduling a maintenance activity, or keep a log of recent malfunctions and upgrades. Overkill of preventive maintenance, which can lead to unnecessary money spent on precautions that aren’t needed. Basically, prescriptive maintenance makes recommendations to improve system operations, and also follows up on its own to produce a work order and oversee the entire process. Make sure maintenance is done safely, that machines and moving parts are isolated or locked and that flammable/explosive/toxic materials are dealt with properly.

In four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles, the transfer case is what shifts power from the transmission to the axles. You’ll need to have the transfer case fluid checked according to the vehicle manufacturer recommendations to make certain that it is properly filled and leak-free. This will require you getting under the vehicle, so bringing it into a professional is recommended.

Creating a preventive maintenance checklist is part of the planning process, and is a good way to ensure you’re not focusing on too many items at one time . These three steps establish a baseline for your preventive maintenance program. If reactive maintenance is still occurring at a high frequency, despite the fact that you’re investing in preventive maintenance, you’ll need to increase the amount of your preventive maintenance. Reevaluate your process after a set time to see if you’ll need to increase or decrease preventive maintenance, or maintain the same level.