You may have noticed that the lyrics of the songs on this website are often different from the original lyrics. I’ve created a series of “Let’s Get Down to Business Songs” for my blog where I’ll add lyrics to the songs and let you know how it is in the original languages of the songs.

The first version of the song was a Spanish song called “Let’s get down to business” sung by a man who had been a military leader in a small island nation, but had been sent to the desert, along with other people, to escape a dictator. The song was about being stuck on this island and trying to escape through one of the few escapees ways left standing. The lyrics were inspired by a quote from the book “The Story of O” by William Faulkner.

A lot of the lyrics are still in Spanish, which makes the song even more confusing. I wonder if there’s a way to understand it even in the original language.

I think the original meaning of the lyrics was that you’re stuck on an island, which is great, but it’s also a lot of nonsense in the Spanish version. The lyrics do say that the island is “La Isla de las Amores,” which translates to “The Island of Love.” But “The Island of Love” is a phrase you can usually find in a place called “La Isla de los Difuntos.

And La Isla de los Difuntos can also be translated as the place where you can find love. If you think about it, that makes sense. If you think about who you might want to get in love with, it might be an astronaut or a movie star, or some other person who is very popular and successful.


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