Kelly Ripa Hilariously Responds To Everyone Talking About Her Feet On Instagram


But if Fred Flintstone had those feet, he’d now be seeking out the best podiatrist and cosmetic surgeon in Bedrock. Honestly, the only one with vaguely human-looking feet is Lola, Ripa’s 20-year-old daughter, second from the left. Every other foot conjures Chernobyl or blunt-force trauma. Forget about Ripa’s missing appendage. That foot looks like it was just pounded with a rubber mallet and forced to traverse molten lava before getting dunked in Quaker Harvest Oats. But that foot would shock the hobbits in Middle-earth.

🇮🇹🇬🇷” she captioned the post. Having just returned from a delayed European vacation with her family, Ripa posted a gallery of group photos from the trip. And instead of commenting, “Hope you had a great time! ” dozens of people insisted that Ripa edited her foot from one of the shots.

“Can clearly see you have your feet crossed. “Instead of saying nice photo, hope you enjoy your time away with your family, etc. so ppl are worried about feet 🙄🤦‍♀️,” another wrote. Kelly Ripa is calling some Instagram commenters “weirdos” after they kept asking why her foot was missing from a recent post.

Another fan wrote, “THIS IS THE SINGLE GREATEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME.” It’s true, the “Heat” star uses a phone case with the adorable green ogre’s face plastered all over it. Having realized this, Twitter erupted with glee. “I spent a decade of my life with this person, and I just have so much love for him. So that’ll never change, but it doesn’t mean that they’re the right one for you and that’s okay too,” she said. These days, “The Kardashians” star and her ex-husband don’t have much of a relationship.

Kelly Ripa is responding to strange criticism that she’s received for her recent family photos. Ripa, 50, her husband, Mark Consuelos, their kids and their extended family all enjoyed a getaway in honor of some important 2020 graduations. After noticing these comments trickling in, Kelly immediately took to her Instagram Stories to directly address them. “I don’t know, maybe I’m just jetlagged, but can you explain to me why people are fixated on my feet in a family photo?” Kelly asked Mark. The ‘Live With Kelly And Ryan’ star took to Instagram to point out the viral photograph and call out anyone who is questioning whether or not she is missing a limb. It all started after she posted several pictures from the family’s international vacation, where in one snap, she appears to be only standing on one foot.

Even still, I’d love to see them get to the bottom of why Kim Kardashian appeared to have four toes that one time, six another. Or why her wardrobe doors once curved and violated all physical laws beyond Narnia. And just like that, the Celebrity-Industrial Complex had a new intrigue as we stutter-step out of this pandemic.

In wrapping up my probe, I conducted an exhaustive search of every Kelly Ripa image on the internet. Based on this evidence, I strongly believe she does, in fact, have two feet. It’s just this one image that has cast doubt. Well, and another weed scale app photo she recently shared on Instagram, a tribute to her father, Joe. In that one, Kelly is getting a piggyback from dad on a boat and now her left leg is gone. I also found one image in which she appears to have three nipples.

A lifetime spent in the vicinity of a television screen led to his current dream job, as well as his knowledge of too many TV themes and ad jingles. Ripa said she was in a dance class, when she did a jump and landed on a weight someone left on the floor. Right on cue, Kelly’s fans flooded the Instagram comments section with sweet messages about how happy the family looked together. But among the heartfelt notes were several folks who were preoccupied by one particular detail … She explained that her legs were simply crossed while standing in the photo, causing an optical illusion.