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Although Grooves software is helping Florida respond better to hurricanes, Fugate said that technology alone does not make or break disaster preparedness and recovery. CH2M Hill is eager to continue development and training efforts with FDEM after this years hurricane season ends, Waldrop said. Conference calls may be an easy task for many businesses, but coordinating a disaster plan across the entire state of Florida can include hundreds of representatives on a single phone call. Conducting roll call alone among these parties was laborious, and there was no easy way for the parties to share mission-critical data such as charts and maps, Fugate said. The havoc that Hurricane Katrina wreaked on the Gulf Coast this summer brought national attention to the myriad challenges of coordinating local, state, federal, nonprofit and private disaster recovery efforts.

During Hurricane Katrina, Fugate said, FDEM stepped in to help Mississippi with its disaster recovery efforts. Using Groove Virtual Office, FDEM was able to move large GIS files containing information about where resources were located from a geographic information system lab in Tallahassee to local and county emergency operations centers in Mississippi. CH2M Hill helped FDEM develop how to get exponents on chromebook a collaborative emergency management application using the Groove Forms tool, according to Quirk. The application, EM Constellation, supports incident management and information gathering and sharing among state and county groups during disaster response. CH2M Hill’s corporate IT department built the entire system for the PI community in-house by using applications already in place.

Because of existing software licenses and maintenance contracts with VMware, and CH2M Hill’s strategy to lease servers on a 3- to 4-year basis, Hill says the plan to switch from VMware to Hyper-V will take between three and five years. During inclement weather, the OSU Foundation and Alumni Association follow decisions made by the university regarding the closure of business offices in Corvallis, Portland and Bend. By making fab engineering more cost effective, reliable and repeatable, Jacobs is supporting Intel’s goals to increase domestic chipmaking capacity, end the semiconductor shortage, meet global demand and create a more balanced, resilient global supply chain. “There is a global need for solutions that help us better understand the movement of people, goods and services while addressing broader societal challenges, and our acquisition of StreetLight solidifies our leadership in this fast-growing area.” The pandemic is changing our world in broad-reaching ways, from travel to trade, health systems to social equality, digital to cybersecurity, globalization to urbanization.

For CH2M Hill—a 57-year-old engineering, design and construction firm headquartered in Denver—acquiring and sharing knowledge is fundamental to its business, especially because it manages more than 10,000 projects at any given time out of 150 offices. The company had developed many systems through the decades to attempt to collect and store its information resources and knowledge. Groove Networks officials will supply the company’s Virtual Office collaboration product to CH2M Hill, which will package the software in a variety of solutions, including an incident management package for state, local and federal agencies. Officials from the two companies announced the alliance today at the AFCEA International homeland security show. During the next several months, the team developed a prototype of the emergency management system based on Groove Virtual Office software and services, said Greg Quirk, vice president of channels for CH2M Hills Communication and Information Solutions Group.

And if it is going to take three years to migrate everything, things could possibly change yet again. I am a talented secretary and administrator and it would be my pleasure to put my extensive experience to work for you. This is a public or shared computer Select this option if you are connecting from a public computer. Groove Networks is working with solution provider CH2M Hill to create secure, collaborative applications.

CH2M Hill will package Groove’s software in an incident management package for government agencies. “We’re not seeing a problem putting anything we have on ESX into our Hyper-V deployment,” CH2M Hill’s Greg Barton, a senior analyst in charge of the company’s virtualization project, says in an interview with Network World. Especially with new Hyper-V memory oversubscription features CH2M Hill is testing, Barton says “we’re not seeing a huge difference in either product.” Datamation is the leading industry resource for B2B data professionals and technology buyers. Datamation’s focus is on providing insight into the latest trends and innovation in AI, data security, big data, and more, along with in-depth product recommendations and comparisons. The upshot is that the move is saving the engineering firm cash — primarily in software licensing fees.