Iris Automation Reviews By 10 Employees


The motion sensor detects movement in your home, and the smart key fob will arm and disarm your system. Arcus is a “cloud” based platform, meaning that it depends on the internet and services running on more capable hardware to complete basic tasks. To connect Zigbee and Z-Wave devices that cannot directly communicate over the internet, a Hub with the appropriate Z-Wave and ZigBee radios is utilized. The IRIS team developed two hubs for the v2 platform , both of which are usable today. The IRIS hub launched with IRIS v2 is based on the BeagleBone Black, with a custom board layout that includes Z Wave and ZigBee radios, backup power by the way of 4 AA batteries, and a few status LEDs.

We’ve heard similar experiences from other Iris users, being completely happy with the first Hub generation, and totally disappointed in the second generation, Hub 2. In our research, we’ve found that Lowes has recognized the problems with their second generation technology and are working towards improvement. However, a lot of users are still in limbo with a system that doesn’t work the way it should. Let us know if you end up switching security systems and how that compares. Iris is Z-Wave/ZigBee compliant, and that opens the door to lots of third-party products, potentially.

There are some additional features like OpenWrt and DLNA serving that could help you share media files around that are pluses that you won’t see from other places either. But for a hard-core home automation setup, I get the idea the the software just isn’t there yet. This page is an aggregate of the best home automation system reviews of 2021 that we could find online. We’ve eliminated the “fake reviews” that are just trying to pitch a product that makes them money and only included smart home reviews without a high quality write up and pictures. The Iris Smart Kit or Safe and Secure Kit ($179) would be good systems for apartment dwellers who want a little security but don’t want to make a big investment.

You can set the smart plug to follow a schedule through the app so it’s pretty easy to have your lights turn on for you when you need to wake up in the morning or turn off at night at a certain time. We have a very forgetful five-year-old that loves turning on lights so we are constantly using this to turn off the lights in her play room. The $179 Safe and Secure Kit offers a motion detector, entry sensors, and an alarm control keypad, while the equally priced Care and Comfort Kit offers a smart plug module and a connected thermostat.

The new version is accessible for setup only from a newer smart phone but they don’t tell you that. Kudos to the two customer service people who tried to help . There’s no way to know if the system is on or off nor can I turn automation anywhere provides inbuilt exception handling capability. it on or off except through my phone. The first Gen had its bugs and the motion sensors were too sensitive with too many false alarms. The new interface on the phone quite pretty but hardly intuitive – pretty awful actually.

Or, you can follow us on any of our social channels (Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, or Twitter). Make sure you check for compatibility on the web site before getting the hub. That way, if you already have some home automation devices in place, they will be sure to work with the system since Staples only integrates with vendors that it has a partnership with. Despite the recent technical glitches, the SmartThings hub is still the best option for the average consumer to get started with home automation. It’s easy to get started and configurable enough to enable complex automation. A slight upgrade to the hardware, but the connectivity problems are still there and the night vision quality is seriously hampered by it.