I like the term “information and communication technology” because it does a good job of using the most powerful word to describe the many various types of technology. I also like the term “communication technology” because it conveys that it is all about the sharing of information and information technology. I have a lot of interests in all of these things and I am interested in discussing various models for information and communications technology.

This all sounds really complicated and I’ll probably end up spending a lot of time writing to explain it all, but I’m going to attempt to do that.

So, the information and communication technology (ICT) approach to designing our society is to look at how we communicate ourselves and our thoughts to each other.

This is a very broad term, but I think that in an information and communication technology (ICT) society we can create a system that is basically a society of self-awareness. Each person has something of his or her own knowledge and personal history, and they use that information to create themselves. The ICT society is a society of self-awareness, but it’s also a society of being able to talk to other people.

An ICT society is a society that is based on what you and I know and don’t know about ourselves. It’s based on having a personal history, and having that history is all about the kind of information that you and I have. This is how we organize ourselves in a society. For example, if you and I know that we are all born with the same height, we probably would not be able to meet at a coffee shop.


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