Impulse And Momentum


It is represented by the variable Q, and can be measured in Joules. FALSE – The impulse encountered by an object is equal to mass multiplied by velocity change – that is, momentum change. 12.

What was the average force exerted on the 0.057 kg tennis ball by Williams’ racquet? Impulse & Momentum. Explain the relationship between momentum and force. As a result, the player’s motion is only slightly affected if he catches the ball. We shall quantify what happens in such collisions in terms of momentum in later sections. Momentum and Newton’s Second Law.

FALSE – No. Momentum is momentum and energy is energy. Momentum is NOT a form of energy; it is simply a quantity which proves to be useful in the analysis of situations involving forces and impulses. Two objects of varying mass have the same momentum. The least massive of the two objects will have the greatest kinetic energy.

Talk about the different strategies to be used while solving problems. Make sure that students know the assumptions made in each equation regarding certain a federally funded research study involving quantities being constant or some quantities being negligible. Bending your knees decreases the time of the impact, thus increasing the force.

So if two objects of different mass have the same momentum, then the object with the least mass has a greater velocity. This greater velocity will tip the scales in favor of the least massive object when a kinetic energy comparison is made. Start a discussion about movement and collision. Using the example of football players, point out that both the mass and the velocity of an object are important considerations in determining the impact of collisions.

The current understanding of the subatomic particles of which atoms are composed is derived entirely from studying the results of collisions among them. Thus, in modern physics, the description of collisions is a significant part of the understanding of matter. These descriptions are quantum mechanical rather than classical, but they are nevertheless closely based on principles that arise out of classical mechanics. Download ppt “8 Momentum Momentum is conserved for all collisions as long as external forces don’t interfere.” 8 Momentum Momentum is conserved for all collisions as long as external forces don’t interfere. Heat; Thermal energy is the part of the total potential energy and kinetic energy of an object or sample of matter that results in the system temperature.