Iconic Romances That Started At A Laundromat


Billy panics and tries to leave, only to run into Hammer as he walks in. They feign ignorance on recognizing each other, but when Penny leaves them alone, Hammer reveals that he recognizes Billy as Dr. Horrible. Captain Hammer then taunts Dr. Horrible about his crush on Penny, happy to be taking the thing that Dr. Horrible wants most. It becomes obvious that Hammer doesn’t really care about Penny but just wants to sleep with her to spite Horrible. Horrible decides to kill Hammer as his heinous crime for admission to Bad Horse’s Evil League of Evil (“Brand New Day”). As Horrible remotely drives the van away, Captain Hammer appears and takes over Horrible’s song, smashing the remote control receiver and inadvertently causing the van to veer towards Penny.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is a three part, web only, musical mini-series. Joss Whedon created and wrote it during the writers’ strike 2008 with his brothers Zack and Jed, and with the writer and actress Maurissa Tancharoen. Flixtor Media is a Free Movies streaming site kmst blog with zero ads. We let you watch movies online without having to register or paying, with over movies and TV-Series. You can also Download full movies from Flixtor Media and watch it later if you want. You can also Download full movies from and watch it later if you want.

Viewers know that it’s in progress, that it’s supposed to bring objects and people to a halt without involving ice, and that Dr. Horrible thinks it’s a big deal. Dr. Horrible is a low-rent super-villain whose main goal is to get into the Evil League of Evil. In his online video blog he talks about his arch-nemesis Captain Hammer and Penny, a girl from the laundromat that he admires from a distance. Aspiring super-villain Dr. Horrible wants to join the Evil League of Evil and win the girl of his dreams, but his nemesis, Captain Hammer, stops him at every turn in this complete three-part musical from Joss Whedon. The songs were recorded in a small studio set up in Joss Whedon’s loft. Dr. Horrible’s home, used for blogging scenes as well as the final party scene, is the house featured in the “Mad Scientist House” episode of Monster House.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog is about as close to romantic-comedy-musical-satire amazement as one could hope for, or maybe not expect, from Whedon, particularly as a free web-series running just about the length of a full short film . Once the song is over, Dr. Horrible tells Moist that it’s great timing. Tomorrow he’s going to steal some “wonderflonium” from a courier van, and then he’ll use it to complete his Freeze Ray. There’s been a lot of foreshadowing about the Freeze Ray already.

Maybe she shows her personality by bringing tons of laundry loads from the local homeless shelter. People get annoyed that she’s hogging the machines, but she’s unfailingly polite to them. This would be tricky to fit into a short intro, but it’s not impossible. In any case, the film alternates between watching Dr. Horrible sing to the camera and flashbacks in the laundromat. There, viewers meet his yet unnamed crush, Penny, played by Felicia Day.

Whereas Dr. Horrible goes to pains to avoid violence, Captain Hammer uses it when he doesn’t need to. Backing up to before Billy and Penny’s conversation, viewers once again see that Dr. Horrible’s plan to steal the wonderflonium doesn’t include hurting anyone. He attaches a device to the top of the courier van; this puts the van under his control. Penny leaves just as the guard driving the van puts the wonderflonium in the back. Then Dr. Horrible makes the van drive off before the guard can get in. The scene changes, and we see Penny out on the street, trying to give people handouts and collect signatures.