How To Make Fake Coins For Magic Tricks Like David Blaine « Prop Tricks


The closer your audience is to you, the harder it will be to hide your back foot.Stand about 8-10 feet away from everyone to achieve the best illusion. This trick works best with a small audience. If there are too many people you might not be able to find a good angle. The magician sticks the coin into the hanky, flips the handkerchief over and the coin disappears.

Comes in zip format for quicker downloads. This ebook is for PC only or Macintosh with VirtualPC or other PC emulator. From what I understand, you must perform it within 1 or 2 minutes of setting it up.

You can leave specators in disbelief and amazement. Spectators like street magic, as opposed to more traditional magic, because it is done with everyday items, such as coins and dollar bills. Blaine had a spectator sign a quarter, then hold it in a closed fist. After everyone in the crowd touched her hand, the quarter bent.

Keeping your hands moving and in one continuous motion draw off the card that is in your left hand. Ask your victim for his watch with an excuse like, “I think my time is wrong can I see yours for a second?”. Borrow the watch for a minute and examine it look at it, state what time it has, and say, “is this the right time, I need to know”.

The first step is to take an orange and prepare it to show your illusion. Select the orange that has a stem still attached. Remove this stem carefully with the knife.

Cards disappear from the deck right before everybody’s eyes. David turns over the deck and every suit is now the one that the audience randomly called out and in the middle is Jimmy’s card. To promote his TV special, Real or Magic, David Blaine appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show. There, he revealed why Harrison Ford kicked him out of his house and other tricks he performed on celebrities. If I were on the show I would be one of the people watching Blaine and the person do the trick. I watched the guy’s eyes, they didn’t look at the cards…

The heat of your hand will revive the fly, which should soon start to move. A lot of this trick is in the actions of you reviving the fly. It may be necessary to practice how long it takes for the fly to revive itself. Hand on the table (or sidewalk…. Wherever you want to perform). Tell him to do exactly what you’re doing and start slowly twisting your arm Counter Clockwise. For me the highlight of the evening was the moment when David Blaine helped a guy named Greg propose to a girl named Danielle.

For those advanced magicians out there you can grab the quarter instead of using the tape/wax. If you do not wish to use the spectators hand you can do the same trick on your lap, but in their hand sells the trick much better. You can do incredible coin tricks and other effects. You can make a coin appear whom does creon blame for the tragic deaths of his family members? wherever you command, make the ashes of a chosen, burnt card appear on your arm and make a salt shaker pass completely through a table. You can leave people gobsmacked and awestruck. Think about how your friends would react when you amazed them with some simple coin magic, mixed with your personality.

You can start to raise it and then put it back down for more suspense, or if you need to adjust your balance. Slowly begin to raise the foot a little off the ground to begin floating. You can be as creative as you want when explaining your levitation. Perhaps you spin a tale of studying Buddhism in a monastery in the mountains. Through your meditation, you learned the art of levitation. You will be balancing on this leg, but the trick is to do so without being obvious.