How Stella Dimokos Relative And Child Trafficking Aide Was Arrested


We got ready to go and the husband called the wife to inform her. Asked for the spice she used for the beans and she told me. I asked for the beans spice to make her feel nice. Stella also posted that the bank accounts of Precious were seized which eeoc configuration aligns with the on scene incident organization leaving the mother of four boys penniless. SDK is the popular name given by Stella Korkus to her online blog. The popular blog is known to feature celebrities gist, entertainment news,Life in general and a host of other interesting topics.

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Poster , look out for signs to be sure of what the woman said. Its possible the amebo is envious of the benefits the other lady is getting. So try to see if any clue can confirm her statement. Person never born no be sin 🥺🥺 it’s sad how people tag TTC as a price for whatever. In her words, They feel you are a witch and what to initiate her children. She said some negative things that hurts the mind and added that everything I gave to them is thrown to the dustbin.

I will join my fiancee to eat his own no matter how little the food is.. You could have eaten the beans and drank water without all this fuss and that you both earn similar wages doesnt make you equals. I have heard that beans is even more expensive than rice and eggs and bread so you should be grateful you were offered the more expensive platter .