How Legally Blonde Created A Feminist Hero Ahead Of Her Time


Well, Elle achieves the requirements in tests and community service, and sends in a very interesting video essay, and gains entrance to the prestigious university. She quickly finds out that not only is her dream man already engaged to another woman , but Elle is not widely liked around campus. She finds her calling in law, and with the guidance of a friend , proves to be a talented prospect in the field. Lorelei Lee’s pink gown was a perfect accompaniment to the message of the song she was singing, which showed her to be savvy about her appeal to men and how limited her options were if she wasn’t smart about leveraging that appeal. Carrie White wore her pink dirty-pillow-baring prom gown to show the world that she was becoming a confident, sexually awakening woman . Elle Woods is neither as limited in her options as Lorelei nor as likely to lash out as Carrie, but in this moment in the film, she was making largely the same points with her pink dress, shoes and bag.

Witherspoon has posted herself trying on some of her character’s signature looks to her social media in the past, including a Snapchat story reported by FootWear News that shows a lineup of heels, slippers, and boots that are recognizable from the movies. I’ve been seeing a lot of vinyl strap sandals and perspex heels around, and I think they’re the perfect update to those wedges, yet still have that early noughties vibe about them. Now I know what you’re going to say, they’re not all pink (‘whoever said orange was the new pink, was seriously disturbed’). As for the move itself that people still ask Witherspoon to demonstrate, it was invented at a Beverly Hills bar. Screenwriters McCullah and Smith where there between meetings trying to come up with a B-plot that could take place in the nail salon, “and we were working in weird directions,” McCullah told Insider. “Like, maybe it gets robbed, all sorts of crazy stuff.”

The reason for the shoes, as the name suggests, is that they are legal. We all know that the current regime of law is corrupt and unjust, but the problem with legal shoes is that they are illegal. Which means that if you really want to look like a legal blonde heart shoe, you will have to get a special license.

In her music video for “Thank U, Next,” Grande recreates several scenes from the first film including the famous Bend and Snap and Woods’ arrival at Harvard. As stated ain t got no job but i stay fly in her contract, Witherspoon got to keep all of the outfits she wore in the film. We’ll take those “last season Prada shoes,” if you don’t want them, Reese.

Unless it’s Reese Witherspoon, for whom I do have a soft spot for especially when she’s exactly like Miss Elle Woods here. The story itself is really rather far-fetched but even this aspect is sort of sorted by some generous bending of unwritten rules and smart legal jargon. My rule when rating movies is to review it all by itself….don’t compare it to something else that’s completely different from itself.

At first, I thought they were supposed to be in a pair, but upon more testing, I realized that theyre actually just white running shoes. The designers have decided that they dont want to create a pair of shoes that are too light or too heavy, so they just make you run with your normal shoe. Which doesnt make much sense to me, and the thought that they could be lighter or heavier is just another example of how stupid the shoe designers are.

A point so simple and easy to understand that it’s almost hard to believe no one actually voices it in the dialogue. But first, let’s note what we’re looking at here. But there is definitely a long history of putting actresses in pink costumes in order to make some sort of statement about womanhood, sexual power, or frivolousness .

No big surprises here, but it sure is a nice ride. “Legally Blonde” rates as one of the best ‘chick flicks.’ This clever,sophisticated, but above all hilarious, fish-out-of-water comedy concerns a shunned sorority doll who refuses to take “no” from her boyfriend after he dumps her. Elle is the smartest Delta Nu Sorority sister and she decides to follow her ex-boyfriend Warner Huntington,III to Harvard Law School.