How Far Will A 9mm Bullet Travel?


The effective range is also dependent on the gun that fires out the rounds. Since a 9mm is a semi-automatic pistol, it recycles the energy released by the combustion to move the bolt. Instead, it uses propellant gas to reload, and that gas came from the hole at mr krabs wearing a hat the end of the barrel. If you’re wondering what the maximum distance is that a gun has ever been used effectively,BBCsays it’s 3,870 yards, just over 2.2 miles. A Canadian special forcessnipermade the shot in Iraq in 2017, killing an Islamic State militant.

In a nutshell a rifle can go as high as 10,000 feet and a standard 9mm gun about 4000 feet. The Parabellum cartridge is loaded with medium-fast powders. SAAMI officially designated the name “9mm Luger” as the official designation ammo. So, 9mm Luger is the most common name you’ll see listed by manufacturers and ammunition stores. The bullet weight and the form have something to do with its aerodynamics and barometric pressure, affecting the inflight round’s range. A 9mm can travel up to 2,300 meters compared to at least 20 football fields.

Always practice safe use to ensure your safety and the safety of others around you. 9mm is a good penetrator for a hand gun round, and it will over penetrate some living targets. Just the same, it can be stopped or deflected inside the target by surprisingly little resistance and in unexpected ways; just like any bullet. Any round that will do any good will likely over-penetrate.

But This is why we must know what is behind our target if we miss, the first thing inline with that shot out to 300 yards could be hit. Another variable is the amount of gunpowder that affects the range of around. Fast powders can help the round travel a long distance. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

If a shooter spends time and resources training to shoot with the same handgun, chambered in 9mm, in the end, they become faster and more precise. There is less recoil energy to absorb and control in a 9mm round. Everywhere you go, wisdom dictates that shot placement is more important than the caliber you use to shoot. It does not mean that calibers do not have an impact on a shooter’s outcome. Small rounds may not penetrate bones or breastplate when hunting. There are some variables that we must consider before we give a blanket answer.

Full-sized pistols in 9mm typically have a barrel in the 4″—5″ range. 88″ width and 12.7oz weight make the PF9 one of the smallest, lightest 9mm pistols on the market. Buy a +1 magazine extension and you’ll get 9 rounds of firepower in this little package. The delivery system of this handgun made us realize that this round can travel far more than we can expect. Without actually trying and wasting rounds, we hope we were able to feed your curiosity.

A Canadian special forces sniper, for instance, shattered the world record for longest confirmed kill shot in 2017, shooting an ISIS fighter dead in Iraq from over two miles away. If you fire a gun into the air, the bullet will travel up to a mile high . In crowded cities, however, the probability rises dramatically, and people get killed quite often by stray bullets.

The muzzle velocity of the rounds is at the box of the ammunition and ballistic stat sheets. The velocity is the measure of the speed of the projectile once it leaves the barrel. You can also notice that it will reach higher initial velocities when the explosion occurs, making the rounds faster. Bigger rounds with the same amount of powder may give below-average velocity. Mythbusters, a popular Discovery Channel program, tested the “bullet-proof” ability of water in one of its episodes.

For a Colt .45, the next most popular handgun, you’re looking at about 1,850 yards, which is just about 1 mile. The distance you zero your red dot at will depend on the firearm and its intended use. Probably 80% of the shots you take in the practical shooting sports will be less than 15 yards. If we look at the 115 grain 9mm bullet loaded to the maximum safe velocity of 1250 feet per second, that translates to 852 miles per hour.