How Does The Internet Typically Impact Price Transparency?


Predicting the future is difficult, but ignoring change can be catastrophic. Professor and strategy consultant Gary Hamel once wrote in a Fortune cover story that “the dirty little secret of the strategy industry is that it doesn’t have any theory of strategy creation” . While there is no silver bullet for strategy creation, strategic frameworks help managers describe the competitive environment a firm is facing.

Originality/value This study contributes to the necessary structuration and consolidation of the emergent field of IR research by identify salient perspectives and common subfields. It provides both a comprehensive overview of the state of research and specific suggestions for future endeavors. The chapter aims to analyse the influence of the board of directors on transparency and integrity in hybrid organisations like state-owned enterprises. The effect of several characteristics of directors on the board’s effectiveness was assessed. The empirical analysis was based on 60 Italian listed and non-listed state-owned enterprises.

Wells Fargo has found that customers who use online bill pay are 70 percent less likely to leave the bank than those who don’t, suggesting that these switching costs help cement customers to the company even when rivals offer more compelling rates or services. In this paper, we examine firms’ use of the Internet to enhance the relevance of their financial reporting. We define a firm as practicing Internet Financial Reporting when it provides in its web site either a comprehensive set of financial statements (including footnotes and the auditors’ report), a link to its annual report elsewhere on the Internet or a link to the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission’s Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval system.

In case of any defects, the seller’s option of return/replacement is available for a given period. The purpose of organizational structure is to provide managers with specific feedback on how well an organization and its members are performing and building competitive advantage. The term _________________ refers to leveraging consumers to promote a product or service. Timing and technology alone will not yield sustainable competitive advantage. Returning Users Web performance impacts more than just ecommerce sites; improvements from page speed optimization apply to any kind of site. Users will return to faster sites, as evidenced in a study by Googlethat noted a decrease in searches by users who experienced a site slowdown.

Furthermore, the results of this paper indicate that companies should use the potential benefits of Internet and disclosure more information regarding financial instruments. Firstly, previous empirical findings show a positive relationship between firm’s disclosure policy and information asymmetry. Most of the existing papers investigate how voluntary disclosures explain this relationship (Healy et al., 1999;Healy and Palepu, 2001;Gajewski and Li, 2015;Schoenfeld, 2017).

Financial advisors and fund companies that prove to be the most honest and effective stewards of their clients’ assets tend to gain clients, while dishonest or ineffective agents tend to lose clients, face legal damages, or both. The solution is for life insurance providers to perform thorough actuarial work and conduct detailed health screenings, and then charge different premiums to customers based on their honestly disclosed risk profiles. Firms may consider adopting packaged software or outsourcing value chain tasks that are not critical to a firm’s competitive advantage. A firm should be wary of adopting software packages or outsourcing portions of its value chain that are proprietary and a source of competitive advantage.

There is no exhaustive list of key resources that firms can look to in order to build a sustainable business. And recognizing a resource doesn’t mean a firm will be able to acquire it or exploit it forever. But being aware of major sources of competitive advantage can help managers recognize an organization’s opportunities and vulnerabilities, and can help them brainstorm winning strategies. Oftentimes, a firm with an effective strategic position can create an arsenal of assets that reinforce one another, creating advantages that are particualrly difficult for rivals to successfully challenge.

Michael Spence added to the debate with a 1973 paper “Job Market Signaling.” Spence maintains that new hires are uncertain investments for any company. That is, the employer cannot be certain of a candidate’s productive capabilities. Asymmetric information theory suggests that sellers may possess more information than buyers, skewing the price of goods sold. As an example, consider again the sale of those mortgage-backed securities. The sellers may have done their homework and therefore have known they were selling low-quality mortgages packaged as top-rated investments.

Understand and provide examples of how technology can be used to create or strengthen the resources mentioned above. To overcome asymmetric information in insurance, insurers will give big discounts for ‘no claims bonuses’ this is the best way of gaining better information about ‘careful’ and ‘unlucky’ consumers. The massillon cable internet way in which individuals can obtain accurate information through the internet has greatly altered most industries and made the buying process for all sorts of assets and items easier and more transparent for society. With fewer surprises in financial statements, market reactions to earnings reports are smaller.