(JPG…)..Resized it perfectly, renamed it perfectly, modified to BMP…..and…..didn’t work. Thanks for the unbelievable pack Rodman, best I’ve ever seen for the BG series, all high quality artwork choices. Make sure the file kind is ready to 24 bit BMP or it won’t present up/display appropriately. I even have already a custom portrait, I wished to know how to adjust it to the proper size. Changing the file extension will not work either. You need to save the image as a bitmap using MSPaint, GIMP, Photoshop or an analogous program.

As it’s basically a tonne of deviantart.com I actually have checked out for the last decade. They all look really nice, but I play BG and BG2 with out SoD. You do not need the GIANT scaled portraits, as they’re simply actually for the end of ToB. I made a tonne of portraits in 169 by 266 for big, and 54 by eighty four for small portraits in Paint.

This is precisely what I hoped to find. Thanks for making it so I haven’t got to do this. You need to sign up or create an account to do this. Note that there are totally different colour depths for giant and small versions. While doing the scaling procedures, when you make any mistakes, you ought to use Edit→Undo (shortcut keystroke is CTRL-Z) to return the picture to it’s beforehand bigger dimension.

It might be very close, and that will be good enough. Finally, make sure the Quality is set to “Cubic”. When you start a brand new game with an imported character , there’s no way to change their portrait from the Character Generation menu. You’ll have to start the game and then follow the steps for “When you could have a recreation in progress”. After that, you could export the character once more so you’ll have a copy that makes use of your customized portrait.

I’ll publish up some pics in a little bit so that you guys can evaluate for your self if this random terrible photoshop noob on reddit can truly make stuff that appears passable. Maybe I am mistaken and haven’t paid sufficient consideration and there are some unbelievable sources hanging round. If folks can point out some good websites, I will of course add them. I did not make alternative portraits for Edwin or Minsc; if you want to use the BG2 variations on a Tutu recreation, set up BG1 NPC and the portraits are there.

Any folders that comprise that file are Infinity Engine recreation set up folders. If it doesn’t discover anything, make certain it’s trying inside system/hidden folders. If you’re enjoying the originals, go to your sport installation folder. If you don’t know the place that is, try the information contained in the spoiler tag. I highly recommend you search RPG Portraits on google photographs. I’ve scored so many wonderful pics to use as portraits.

You can run setup-plasmobg1bg2.exe in your game folder to reinstall, uninstall or otherwise change parts. Plasmocat’s “BG NPC Portraits in BG2 Style” for Windows is distributed as a self-extracting archive and includes a WeiDU installer. To install, simply double-click the archive and comply with the directions on display screen.

You want to search out out the exact portrait names in the cre-files of the character you’ve in your save. Many mods might have acted on some vanilla characters and the resource utilized in recreation may no longer be the default. First, extract the files from the tarball into your sport do something synonym listing. When correctly extracted, your sport listing will contain setup-plasmobg1bg2, setup-plasmobg1bg2.command, and the folder plasmobg1bg2. To install, double-click setup-plasmobg1bg2.command and observe the directions on screen.

Again, something that basically, actually ought to’ve been in the recreation to start with. Almateria’s Restorations – similar as above, restores plenty of reduce content material. DON’T INSTALL THE FINAL SLAYER DREAM; I haven’t tried it but however what I see doesn’t make me hopeful. Again although you’re requested to install each part individually. Inside the new “010010A00DA48000” folder, make one other folder referred to as “romfs”. Inside “romfs”, make one other folder known as “BGIIEE” should you’re modding BG2, OR “BGEE_SOD” should you’re modding BG1.

Stock portraits are 210x330px, however the recreation will accept customized portraits up to 1024px. For anybody who is conscious of the means to use photo enhancing software program, this summary is every thing you have to know. The remaining guide is for players who have no idea tips on how to use picture enhancing software. There isn’t any in game access button to the custom portraits (or no much less than i am unable to find it). Now that your custom portraits are able to go, you have to put them in a folder the place the game can discover them.