Guardian Tales Tier List


Android’s extraordinary abilities make her a versatile character and give high-class damage potentials or defence potentials than the other ranged heroes on the game. You should remember these notes whenever you are using Future Princess on your game. Her hybrid damage means that she will not wholly utilize the ranged or melee party buffs of specific. And when there is a not shield, she is taunting the enemies to the backline so that your backline will face danger. The chain abilities of this hero are not so defensive so that it will be somewhat more rigid on the Raid and Arena.

Catherine is a universal hero with a party buff that increases the defence against the attacks that happen on ranged. The charged arrows of Catherine are penetrating the walls and ricocheting the nearby enemies along with the backline enemies. There is an extended range of Catherine, ensuring her safety on the melee enemies, and she is taking ranged damage because of the party buff. Eugene is holding her own self against the enemies of most ranged in an arena due to her ranged buffs and mobility upon landing attacks. This hero is fair as a tanky unit for warriors without damage, and Eugene can kite those other melee enemies by using mobility.

There is an extreme sturdiness with Oghma, and it is combined with the reflective mechanisms to allow him to work well against the heroes like Bari. Oghma is a hard hero to deal with on AI that is not trying to kite him, and he is more suitable for the Colosseum and the PVE. The kit of this hero is universal, and it allows Oghma to suit well within several teams. So he becomes a tanker within other tanks of party buffs, and he also makes it tough on the other party members.

Guardians are immortals from lore dating back throughout history. They use their huge sword for melee attacks as well as ranged magic projectiles that surround them while attacking foes. Here is a list of Tank Class heroes in Guardian Tales according to their character tier. Here is a list of Support Class heroes in Guardian Tales according to their character tier. Here is a list of Ranged Class heroes in Guardian Tales according to their character tier. These are also regarded as great heroes with superior attributes, although they aren’t as powerful as those belonging to the first tier.

The Guardian Tales tier list is updated as new characters are added to the game. New heroes will be included on the list within a week of their release. Guardian Tales is a mobile game where players get to collect, power up and fight with their favorite guardian characters. With over 30+ playable guardians in the Guardian Tales , there are plenty to choose from. Guardians are powerful creatures summoned from legends throughout time.

There is a short delay with some of the normal attacks and the exclusive weapon skills of this hero to make them easy to evade. Opponents of the game can trigger Lapice’s passive movement buffs by hitting her with selectively weapon skills. She will not leverage the damage potentials on her basic attacks because her enemies are not sitting still. The exclusive weapon skill of Lupice is facing difficulties on landing and makes her more unreliable with stuns.

Our how to get tech trash rust will make your time with the action-packed gacha RPG more enjoyable. We’ll guide you through choosing the greatest characters for each class, including warriors, ranged, tanks, and support. You’ll be able to spend less time reading over numbers and more time slashing adversaries with massive swords as a result.

Yuze spun a two-handed sword on inflicting damage to the enemies and reducing their defence by 20% for over 5 seconds. She is also applying a shock to her enemies’ hearts to deal with DPS damage with her chain ability. Of 35% on the crit rate whenever she gets hit by the enemies when she uses the exclusive weapon. It is dangerous to use her for the highest level raid bosses without supporting the healer or a tank to the protection.