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Remember that dashing would not work for long-term motion. For hourly movement rates, consult the DMG, page 242. It calls out Wind Walk for example, which gives a 300ft motion speed, which equals 30mph at a normal tempo , and 40mph at a quick pace (multiply normal pace by 4/3).

Painful to give up 2 ranges of spellcasting, the gains are pretty significant, I’m torn on this one. You get heavy armor/shields, the “defense” fighting fashion for +1 AC extra, and the “Action Surge” capability which permits athletic ability will always guarantee success in sports. you to forged twice in one spherical. Keep in thoughts that since the second spell isn’t a bonus action spell, you don’t have the “second spell have to be a cantrip” restriction.

+1 to Int, +2 to Con, which is correct where you need them. They get Darkvision, and the power Saving Face, which might help you make a saving throw. This is particularly useful to Wizards who want to keep concentrating on spells! You also get two martial proficiencies, which means you presumably can pick up a heavy crossbow, which will ship more harm at those lower ranges than cantrips. You also turn into proficient with mild armour, which does not present as a lot protection as Mage Armour, but at low levels, its nice not to should solid the spell.

This is part of 5E’s exception-based design – if it was designed to exclude explicit kinds of motion, it would say so. With my shock mage I used +1 scale and 14 Dex and the Shield spell when needed. With my green mage I used +1 leather armor and 20 Dex.

Most monsters of this level will want natural 20s to dent your armour and, once they finally do, you’ll be able to always Lay on Hands. Some abilities immediately enhance one another in a way that creates a complete that’s greater than the sum of its components. Multiclass characters could make a mess of this, both by acquiring fewer attribute advances, and by requiring a wider unfold of attributes. That can lead to a disappointing recreation, where your character can do awesome issues in principle, but, in follow, is constantly lacking or having spells fail to take impact. To avoid this, it’s greatest to combine courses that use the identical attribute.