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I always like to use funny mind quotes on posts that are otherwise a bit dry or boring. Here is a few of my favorites.

I’m paraphrasing here, but if you think of a bit of a mind you have, you can think of a funny mind you have.

A funny mind is usually the result of having a dull mind, which is why sometimes, in some subjects, you’re better off not even trying at all. And why sometimes you are better off not trying at all.

Funny mind quotes are great to use when writing about subjects that are rather dull or boring. Because in the process of writing, you are able to make your subject funny. It might seem that the topic is boring, but when you are able to make your subject funny, your subject is often actually quite funny.

Funny minds can often be quite a burden to write about. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked to write about a subject that wasn’t really any fun. And why not? Because it is boring. It is dull. It is boring because it is boring.

Funny minds are hard to write about because they are simply not interesting enough to be interesting. But if you can make them interesting, they are often quite funny.

Funnyness helps your subject matter stand out, and make it more interesting. A boring subject matter doesn’t really stand out or be interesting. But funny subjects can be very interesting.

Funny quotes are great for helping you think of and write about subjects that are interesting and funny. But if you are averse to writing funny quotes, then how are you going to write about something that is boring? Funnyness helps you think of creative things to say, and you can use it to make your topic more interesting.

Funny subjects can be funny because they are good for you in many ways. They can be a way to make you think, or they can be a way to make you laugh, or they can be a way to make you think about something you were just thinking about. The best part about funny subjects is that they dont have to be that funny. Just make your subject funny. You cant be as funny as a clown or cartoon. You can write about things that the internet is laughing about.

The internet is laughing at you right now because you posted this quote. It’s funny because it’s funny. It’s good because it makes you think and makes you think about something you were thinking about. It’s not so good because it makes you think about something the internet is laughing at.

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