This is my second most-wanted grill. I’ve got an old one that I got rid of because the grill was so heavy and the metal was starting to rust. I’ve got another one that I got rid of because the grill was so heavy and I couldn’t find a place for it to stand in the garage. The third one that I got rid of was the one that used to hold a coffee mug.

The grill I currently have is the one that I got rid of because I cant stand the weight. It also holds a coffee mug, which is my new favorite thing ever. What I love about the grill is that it allows me to do things that I never thought I could do. For example, I can grill my own meat, I can cook a bunch of vegetables on the grill, and the grill is very handy for eating out.

The grill was a good idea in that it kept me from having to clean the kitchen every time I wanted to cook something. Of course, I could have been doing something else instead, but at least it was convenient. The grill is also a good idea because it gives me more options on how I want to cook: I can grill meat while it’s still in its wrapper, I can grill fish raw or cooked, or I can grill whatever is in the bag.


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