Every Day Themed Crossword October 9 2021 Solutions


Solve the clues and unscramble the letter tiles to search out the puzzle answers. It takes round forty eight ms to run on my machine (with round 98% of the time spent loading the dictionary from disk and creating the trie). The dictionary is /usr/share/dict/american-english which has phrases. So I wished to add another PHP way of fixing this, since everyone loves PHP. In my code, I use /usr/share/dict/words for my dictionary.

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Because it’s a .py file, that can get became a .pyc file. So then I do an import of that instead of the read().splitlines(). With that, on my box, I’m fixing it in around a tenth of a second. I am, unfortunately, not very good with algorithms or their efficiencies and so forth. My first attempt makes use of a dictionary such as this one (~2.3MB) and does a linear search making an attempt to match mixtures with dictionary entries. This takes a very long time to search out the potential phrases, and because you only get 2 minutes per round, it’s simply not adequate.

I’m utilizing the dictionary referenced in the original question. Ok, but I assume by now this post is waaaay long enough. I can positively answer any questions you might have, however let’s move that to the comments.

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