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With your recorded vocals, your song remains to be not full. Work with an award-winning songwriter from Gemtracks to brew up something poetic and significant. D—, a lot for thinking Tech gave up on the Em collabo, apparently he’s going for it once more. Oh nicely, hope he will get it for his sake because it’s such a big deal to him. But I do not suppose the music can be anything special at this point.

Is the freestyle battle king! ” And the opposite motherfucker in ¡MAYDAY! Is a treacherous emcee as well! You got st george seo Krizz Kaliko and you got Kutt Calhoun.

He’s like “Man, after I first started doing this my dad and mom were like ‘Eh, I dunno.’ This shit began working and they had been like ‘Just keep doing that. Whatever it’s you’re doing that purchased this house and this automobile, just keep doing that.’” I’m glad they’re on board. Strangeulation out of my dream. I came up with the which means too. You ain’t going to have the ability to say nothing after they hear this shit so it had to stay up to that.

Only at HOGstyle.com can you see the unreleased sections of the 1999 “My Dogs for Life.” Too many copycats making an attempt to play Jesus Too many followers pied piping they ain’t leaders. I smell one thing fishy pull out a can of Febreeze, shit. Have the cash prepared, I odor something fishy. Your wife’s in my custody.

When you could have this many emcees you have to be dope. There’s a pressure to be “Aw shit. All these rappers rapping on this shit? Stevie Stone is on this motherfucker.

They know however our goal is to get the whole world to know. It feels good to know that we ain’t actually obtained no slouches on this mothefucker. I’m like “Scooby, what you think? ” He’s like “Nah, I don’t assume that one, I suppose the other one.” And I nonetheless didn’t put that one, even if the O.G. Said “Nah.” He said “On that one you ain’t really speaking about nothing,” and I still put that one on there as a end result of I really feel it. I took the other one off.

Well Something Else was the final straw I guess. All 6’s & 7’s was very pleasant despite there still being a number of too many features. Gotta agree, it was really like Something Else was a “Tech N9ne Collabos” album, greater than a Tech N9ne album. For the week ended May eleven, overall album gross sales totaled four.1 million, down 17 p.c from the comparable week in 2013, Billboard mentioned. I suppose that that kind of chemistry is still going. Strangeulation is one other degree of Strange and the artists are getting more polished.

Read on and discover out why this would be the finest collabos album but. The 21-cut project options latest Strange Music signee MURS on “Hard,” a collaboration with Tech N9ne. Tech N9ne is slated to launch the Tech N9ne Collabos Strangeulation album May 6.

I just listened to this, I feel late. But it was dope as fuck. Honestly better than Something Else. And I loved Something Else a lot. Since 2016, Gemtracks has bought 1000s of beats to aspiring artists.