Elite Sports Club


We always adhere to the attitude of “prefer to be small, but be the most advanced in the professional field”. Instead of being complacent in pursuit of high profits, we can maintain our outstanding position for a long time through the practice of altruistic spirit. Advantech provides a comfortable and friendly working environment and atmosphere. There is no requirement for clothing for interviews and work.

• For the “Distributor Option”, the Elite QP grants visibility on the stock levels, accounts and orders (sell-out). They are very expensive and the customer service is not great.. It would be very helpful if other types of forms such as address changes, terminations, change of payment forms could be automated. Currently we have paper forms that are filled out and we have to upload. If CA had a way for these forms to be part of the system so the information can be within the system and signed online by the member.

After 3 years of trying to make it work effectively, we are now considering other solutions. Pro Rating billing is not optional with Club Automation, so that was new to us. Certain reports have great sorting features where others do not have the same capabilities. We are looking forward to these improvements being made and have confidence Club Automation will only continue to provide great service and excel in all of these areas just like they do in ALL other aspects of the software program. Reviews are by default sorted by Recommended to software buyers, driven by our proprietary algorithm reflecting the depth and quality of the review, recency of experience, and other factors.

We have decided to convert all 9 of our clubs because we like the software. Be aware that this is not a plug-and-play system that is just handed over to anyone willing to pay the price. Be ready for a group of professionals on task and on point to help you stick why can’t i use the internet while on the phone sprint to your timeline. Clear some schedules and create some mental bandwidth within your organization. Icon”Members have been charged inaccurate prices and the company replies that they have no idea why it’s happening. Members are also not charged at all.”

We are still getting used to it here and we definitely have some suggestions on how to make it better, but we really loving the look of it and the user friendly aspect. I would recommend checking it out if you are looking to switch software’s. They talked us into making the switch when CSI bought club automation.

One of his most prized projects in a career spanning over 25years in Florida, include the SilverLakes, located in Pembroke Pine, Florida. With a stunning design and loaded with something for the entire family, it is where you can lose yourself in moments of luxury with your loved ones. “Clubs that built their communities many generations ago are saturated and currently have a membership philosophy of keeping people out as opposed to letting them in.

Has now been installed and is running smoothly in more than 30 cleaning systems, which is why the company is planning to retrofit another 100 to 200 units. In the coming year, SwissSonic also plans to develop a next generation of machines for the international golf market. Among other things, in addition to a display it will also include a built-in touchscreen, providing golfers with interactive entertainment during the cleaning process.