Eco Fitness & Blue Turtle Yoga In Charleston, Sc


Eco Fitness is one of the top health care clubs in Charleston, SC. All new Eco Fitness members receive a fitness assessment and consultation with a certified personal trainer just for signing up. Re moving in the right direction from the starting line. Challenge yourself to a group fitness class, like indoor cycling, yoga, Zumba or one of our Group Classes. So we’ll make sure you’re moving in the right direction from the starting line. Best gym in town – I not sure what gym these negitive reviews are going to but their critisisms don’t match Eco Fitness and Blue Turtle Yoga. Yes, their are students but I’m a working guy and when I go there are as many post college people as students.

I have yet to see them perform preventative maintenance on any of the machines. They wait until things break to give it any attention. There is only one decent water fountain because the other one is always broken. They dont enforce any of your standard gym rules, people dragging bags around the gym, people working out in flip flops.

GREAT PLACE TO WORK OUT – If you spend most of your time at the gym looking for things to criticize or worrying about whether or not there are enough old folks around, dont go to Eco Fitness. First of all, you won’t get any excercise that way and secondly, I don’t want to be around you. But if you want a great place to get a good workout neon sign painting in a clean environment with a lot of other energetic positive health enthusiasts, this is the spot. The hours are convienient, the equiptment is new and abundant and the staff have always been very friendly to me. I have been a member for about a year or so and I have never had any problems with any aspect of the facility.

The new gym in Mt. Pleasant feels like a big warehouse – not a gym. There were kids everywhere with minimal staff to handle them all. The front desk staff barely acknowledged my presence.

– I went in with a trial pass that I received in the maiI. I was greeted by a very friendly staff and was given a tour to introduce me to the gym before working out. It seems to be perfect fitness center for those who are interested in toning their bodies or just trying to fit a little bit of exercise into a busy schedule. Alright for the money, No Airflow – The free weights only go up to 100 lbs, the place has awful airflow…there is no fans in the main area, this gym caters more towards the cardio crowd then the weight lifters.