This was the first book that I read to build my foundation. It’s a great reference for anyone who wants to start small and see what it’s all about.

Digital marketing is one of those things that seems to be a little complicated, and once you understand how it works, you’ll find yourself doing a lot of cool stuff. But, it’s not a subject that’s necessarily easy to get your head around. I recommend reading up on the basics of digital marketing and learning how to use effective tools and ways to measure your results.

In my opinion, the most important digital marketing book is the one that you will either love or hate. Either one, it depends on your tastes and your goals. For example, I think one of the most important books is “7 Steps to Digital Marketing Success” by Dan Ariely. It’s the one that helped me start my business and I’ve used it to guide my work ever since.

The other book that I really recommend is “Digital Marketing Secrets,” a book that talks about how to be successful with digital marketing and how to build a successful marketing strategy. It’s a really good book for people who want to start earning money online or trying to build a business online. It explains how to get traffic from different sources and how to be successful with SEO and social media marketing.


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