We’ve all heard the term “digital procinema” over the years, but the fact is that we just can’t seem to get our head around it. It all started with the rise of the Internet in the ‘90s. Even though we’ve seen the rise of the “internet” as an industry, the fact is that it wasn’t the internet that made it happen, it was the technology.

It was the digital technology, not the internet, that made it possible for anyone with a computer to create and share any file, regardless of size, to anyone else with a computer. With the rise of the Internet, the digital technology progressed to the point where a file size of a JPEG or a video file could be created and shared. This is why digital procinema has become so ubiquitous over the years.

Even though many people are aware that the internet and the ability to download content are the two things that have enabled the internet to flourish, they still can’t figure out how it came to be. It wasnt the technology, it was the people.


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